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Movie Length: 2:09

Genre: Drama fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Clint Eastwood

Actors: Mett Deymon, Thierry Novik, Cyndi Mayo Davis, Lisa Griffiths Dzhessika Griffits, Ferguson Reid, Derek Sakakura, Dzhey Mor, Richard Kind, Sesil De France

Budget: $ 50 million

Year: September 12, 2010 (World)

download Hereafter

Download Hereafter full movie for free. The film tells three parallel and ultimately intersecting stories of people who have known death - a French journalist who survived the tsunami in 2004, and a ten-year boy lost in a car accident his twin brother - meet who knows how to talk to the dead man, able to give them answers and comfort - man mortally tired of hearing the dead voices in his head.

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User's Review:

A remarkable, unusual and philosophical film from the greatest American director and actor Klinta Istvuda ( "Million Dollar Baby," "Mystic River"), in which he decided to speculate on the topic "Is there life after death?". Brilliant screenwriter Peter Morgan ( "Frost Nixon," "The Last King of Scotland") wrote a very emotional story, it combines three Curb storylines. One of them tells the story of French journalist Marie caught in a tsunami in 2004, the year in Thailand and miraculously returned from the dead, and the second - about a little boy Marcus, whose twin brother sudden death hit by a car on the street and about a lonely mediums George Lonegane constantly heard the voice of the dead, I think this is not a gift, and a curse, and people are tired of requests to talk to their loved ones to it. Klint Istvud took a very smart, a little sad, but at the same time warm and calm a movie in which there are, of course, direct answers to the questions of life and death, here Eastwood offers us see what happens to people after he and other world anyway faced as changing their lives, what conclusions they make for themselves and whether they are generally found as a result of inner peace and harmony with them after that. Terrific actor Mett Deymon ( "True Grit", "The Adjustment Bureau") who has worked relatively recently with Eastwood in his film "Invictus" again played an interesting, profound and unaccustomed to the role of psychic George, a man with a restless soul, who is trying to escape from his own "I" and wants to find a simple answer to the question why was he given this gift, and Damon coped with this task brilliantly. Charming French Sesil De France ( "When I Was a Singer", "The Kid with a Bike") pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised by their participation in this film perfectly and French subtly played survived clinical death of television reporter Mali Liley which decided then to radically change their a life. It shocked me and was very touched by the game of course a little Frenki Maklarena as Marcus lost his closest human twin brother Jason, with whom they had not a lot to talk about. Also liked the brightly played secondary roles Bryce Dallas Howard ( "The Help," "Lady in the Water"), Dzhey Mor ( "Kings of suicides," "Dzherri Maguayer"), Richard Kind ( "A Serious Man," "Geniuses") and Lyndsey Marshal ( "1234", "The Hours"). "Hereafter" - beautiful, atmospheric and very life film about the eternal from the great master that does not let go after watching and more forces to rethink, and if our distributors not to position it as a mystery novel, but more properly configured the audience on it, fans have this first-class drama would have been much more.

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