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Hard Candy

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Movie Length: 1:43

Genre: Drama Thriller Crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.1

Director: Devid Sleyd

Actors: Patrick Wilson, Ellen Peydzh, Sandra Oh, Odessa Rae, John Gilbert

Budget: $ 1 million

Year: October 12, 2006

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Download Hard Candy full movie for free. 14-year-old Haley acquainted over the Internet with a 32-year-old photographer Jeff. Communication continues in the café. A man offers a girl to go to his house to watch a rare concert of your favorite band Haley. Girl, ignoring the warning announcement of kidnapping young girls, agrees. But a date suddenly turns into a massacre, and all is not as obvious as it might seem at first glance. The victim - not the one who is stronger and who turned out to be trickier.

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User's Review:

Completely unexpectedly, in 2005, the year of the famous British music video director Devid Sleyd has issued, in my opinion, one of a kind, original and gripping thriller on a very relevant and ostrosotsialnye topic. This tense and rather tough story about how the 14-year-old girl is a sophisticated way to solve their own problems with which to contend be adults about the evil hiding part of the attractive and credible persons and impunity that too many in our world. To get the most correct perception of the film is better for him not to know anything, do not read any reviews, including mine, do not watch the trailers and not to listen to the recommendations of friends, just happened to somehow stumble upon it, to join in the action and be stunned. So it was, at least to me, I'm somewhere I saw a DVD with this film, I immediately liked the cover and the slogan «Strangers should not talk to little girls» and I did not even read the summary, put the disc in the player. The first film I bribed a brilliant script by Brian Nelson ( "s0 days night", "Devil"), in which all the suspense is built entirely on dialogue, which turn inside all black inside and outside the human vices, not giving the audience a minute to sit quietly. Words that catch the protagonists each other very accurate, verified, biting, thoughtful and honest, and in them, in my opinion, lies the whole titanic strength and the salt of the film. Second, this film touches a nerve and affects the fact that all the action in one and a half hours is held by only two main characters, there are no car chases, special effects, shooting and demons in the closet, there are only 14-year-old girl, an adult male and an endless and a stern conversation, from which come off simply impossible. I'm sure the whole world is after "Candy" discovered and fell in love with an amazing young Canadian actress Ellen Peydzh ( "Juno", "Home"), which played here at prohibitively high level, stronger, more powerful and with drive, constantly being in close-up and issuing an incredibly vivid emotions. Mysterious Patrick Wilson ( "Young Adult," "Little Children") as either a victim, or git (spoilers myself do not like) is not less impressive and well made here, making his character on the screen is very controversial and ambiguous. Three prizes at the Catalan Festival in the 2005's, the nomination for the award British Independent Film Awards and participated in the "Sundance" film festival provided the attention of the public. Compare "Lollipop" I can not do anything else, it's really a new breath and a new word in independent filmmaking, the movie that you digest and wearing a very long time after the show, and that is how it seems to me, should work an art.

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