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Free Hancock movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:28

Genre: Drama comedy thriller fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Peter Berg

Actors: Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Dzheyson Beytman, Dzhey Hed, Eddie Marsan, David Matty Metriks Fitten, Thomas Lennon, Dzhonni Galeki, Heyli Norman

Budget: $ 150 million

Year: July 10, 2008

download Hancock

Free download Hancock movie. Dzhon Henkok - LA celebrity, a man with incredible strength, the ability to fly and invulnerability. A young man uses his powers to save people and neutralize the criminals, in a word, behaves like a real superhero. Only style in Hancock suffering: he often destroys houses and roads, acting very rude. However, he is not averse to a drink and pour irritation on annoying people are not happy with his antics. Suddenly it becomes clear that Hancock - not the city's only superhero. Like other people with incredible powers created his gods in a pair, but Hancock's wife - Mary, lived with them side by side for three thousand years, could not stand it and left.

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User's Review:

Will Smith taught us all to its bright screen image macho. Even in the guise of a superhero Hancock, which is messy and spontaneous lifestyle, Smith does not lose his inherent charisma. Will the hero - a superhero with atypical for colleagues "Superhero shop" behavior. What a jolly fellow, whom we all so want to behold on screen, and from which the image of fall all the representations of the hero, possessing abilities. All are used to seeing serious guy with a stern face, rushing into battle and full of determination to prove their worth. In the movie, of course, all this will be: and frivolity, and the struggle of ideals and the spirit of competition, and male solidarity, and dramaturgy, where the same without her. Dialectic of the soul of the hero as the story will change that gives the film "Hancock" extra flavor and makes the movie one-sided. The special effects are performed superbly, and the cast is matched perfectly. All woven together to ensure that any, even the most demanding audience appreciated the work of the entire crew of the blockbuster.

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