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Grupo 7

Grupo 7 download movie.

Movie Length: 1:36

Genre: Drama thriller thriller

Country: Spain

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Alberto Rodriguez

Actors: Antonio de la Torre, Mario Casas, Hoakin Nunes, Jose Manuel Poga, Inma Cuesta, Estefania De Los Santos, Alfonso Sanchez, Carlos Olaya, Lucia Guerrero, Julián Villagran, Andres Blanco, Javier Berger

Budget: 3.5 million €

Year: February 7, 2013

Download Grupo 7

Download movie Grupo 7 for free. The story of two police officers. Sevilla, 1987. A special police squad "Group 7" is engaged in cleaning the city, which has become one of the most important points of international drug trafficking, from drug dealers and their clients. To achieve its goal the police used any means - deception, blackmail and violence. At the head of the "Group of 7" are the young officer and a seasoned cop Angel Rafael. Falling in love with the young Lucia, Rafael begins to realize that his cruelty and perfidy he had almost caught up with the criminals who are being persecuted. Meanwhile, Angel, intoxicated with gaining power, is coming from the path of the law.

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Our Review:

Police work in Spanish: hate, love, jealousy, rivalry, revenge and, of course, a strong male friendship. Seventh Division - a division of Narcotics, established in Seville Police for several years prior to the opening in the international exhibition "Expo 92". Quest - clean the city, techniques - relevant. The group is headed Raphael (Antonio De la Torre), it breathes in the back of a young and spirited Angel (Mario Casas). Close cooperation with informants intimidated, the right to use force and weapons with or without reason, give good results. Rafael works very hard, Angel does not accept such methods, but gradually retracts profit itself more and more enemies. Rates are rising, "Expo 92" is getting closer, the situation is heating up. Stiff and nervous psychological drama Alberto Rodriguez, despite the plot, is only indirectly related to the problem of drug trafficking. In the center - irreversible changes in the human person, taking place not under the influence of illicit drugs. On the hot streets is a real war: to sabotage, open collisions, capture of prisoners and torture. People are tired, are on edge and did not miss a chance to reveal their most interesting traits. Any little thing can be deduced from themselves, any accident - dramatically change the destiny. An unexpected meeting and love softens the character of Raphael, and the exaggerated media attention corrupts and hardens Angel. Division split faces. The atmosphere can be felt literally skin: dry air, dust, fierce sun and oppressive feeling of danger from any loose pritvorennogo window. Everywhere fear and accompanying it is inclusive, senseless brutality: Police practices knocking out teeth with a hammer, the mafia taking it out on pets and defenseless prostitutes-informant. Despite the fact that the timing of the seventh department designated very clearly - before the exhibition in the city should not remain a single drug dealers - the story seems to be endless. Yes, the story tedious, realistic, unpleasant, annoying in many ways, but certainly worthwhile careful watching.

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