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forrest Gump

Download movie Forrest Gump for free.

Movie Length: 2:22

Genre: Drama romance

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.8

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Actors: Tom Hanks, Robin Rayt, Geri Siniz, Mykelti Williamson, Sally Field, Rebekka Uilyams, Michael Connor Humphreys, Heyli Dzhoel Osment, Harold J.. Hertem George Kelly

Budget: $ 55 million

Year: June 23, 1994 (World)

Download Forrest Gump

Download Forrest Gump full movie for free. Forrest Gump - a boy with developmental delays. Peers childhood and adolescence mocked him, but my mother dearly loved him, and Forrest grows happy and able to empathize. Forrest whole life in love with childhood friend Jenny, but she is willing to just be friends. In spite of physical disabilities, the young man becomes a star high school football team, a war hero and a very wealthy man. But Forrest's still the same kind and open man, ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of his beloved happiness.

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Our Review:

The most successful film Roberta Zemekisa both in terms of winning and spectator love. The story about Forrest Gump - a boy born to run. Little boy Forrest lives in a wonderful world, listening to my mother and did not attach any significance to attacks peers. He did not walk and has a low IQ, but thanks to the efforts of the mother goes to school. Becoming a teenager, he learned to run so fast that he was in the University of Alabama football team. All around still believe Forrest's an idiot, but he was not discouraged, because he has a best friend, Jenny, with whom he is secretly in love with his childhood. Few who can live a life so full of events, like Forrest Gump. This direct and trusting boy became an American hero and millionaire, but through the whole life carried their love for Jenny. But Forrest literally called "a fool out of the woods." Are there many idiots live a decent life? Robert Zemeckis raised in his film role of normality in modern society. If a person believes everything he is told, and sincerely trying to help everyone, it will be like an alien. And if he is still incredibly lucky, it naturally becomes an outcast to society. The big test in this situation - is to stay. After all, it thankless job - to prove to everyone that life is really easy, just need to trust in life. In a leisurely two-hour drama director together is not only a biography of one of the decent human lives, but also the entire history of the United States the second half of the 20th century. In this case, do not forget to provide a picture of a good portion of humor neposhlye, beautiful story of love and morality. Forrest Gump, his actions show that life - is a great gift, and you need to appreciate it and yourself for who you are. I run when I want, and do not waste the most precious things, which you will regret later years.

User's Review:

"The great truth is too important to be new" (US Maugham) is a strange feeling when I want to write a review of the film. Even more so - in the old movie. How many "Forrest Gump" soon will knock - almost eighteen? Nothing like this has taken off over the years. Neither here nor there. And so - I want to write, promote, promote, address. Especially the young - look, benefit, admire. Now because there is no movie. For some reason - it does not work. Robert Zemeckis made this film the ninth. I love him still - "Back to the Future" (. The first film, second and third course - as always worse). But the "Forrest Gump" - stands out not only in his filmography, but also, in my opinion, in American cinema in general. The film grossed a total of thirty-eight awards, including six Oscars, but it was quite an approving criticism, both professionals and amateurs. I have rarely come across negative reviews about this film. Very rarely, and we will try together to understand - why. Simple, it would seem, the story about the life and fate of the slightly retarded boy named Forrest Gump, is transformed before our eyes into epopeynoe canvas, not only American history of the second half of the twentieth century, but also a profound film of all time on the clear worldwide problems man and Humanity. So, to retell the story completely makes no sense. Basically it is known, and the same who have not watched the movie, I will only give promise for viewing. Talk about the plot of a thankless task, especially since we are dealing with a multi-faceted web. Briefly, I said, and dwell in the course of a review of the details. Film rastaskan citations (hello to the best Soviet films), thereby confirming their "nationality". "Life, Forrest, like a box of chocolates, you never know how you will get stuffed." Truisms, filed clearly and simply, but not stooping to vulgarity, and so they came to taste just a lot of admirers of this film. By the way, some of the critics at first tried to present the story as a reference to the fact that only the mentally retarded can be happy in this crazy world, and only they can find it themselves. The rest, they say, the only remains that suffer. But the film is, of course, is not so straightforward and simple. And time, as often happens, has denied such a statement. Not very cheerful world in which wisdom is given a little "insane" guy (and he eventually turns cleverest wisest characters such as Dan Lieutenant), becomes in our eyes "seamy side" and gives the (o, a rarity !) hope. It is worth noting not frequent and original combination of elements in the film comedy and drama. And also very interesting interweaving of fate the fate of the hero in his homeland, which can be perceived as a sense of humor, and you can take it as a profound problem, familiar to everyone. In short, the authors of the film are not only deployed in front of us all-encompassing fabric of life, but also tactful not imposed on us their point of view, and care for the viewer the possibility to choose the interpretation of a particular conflict of the film. The undoubted success of the film can be attributed to the fact that being a "non-elite", this film does not go to "splint" tear melodrama. He makes you think about eternal values ​​in a manner that is understood by the majority of people, no matter who they were. And it is - yet one answer for those who like to argue on the topic "movie is not for everyone." Sverhudachen film casting. Tom Hanks in the lead role, for example, plays wonderfully - this is clearly the best of his role in the movie. Other actors are not inferior to him in his skills - many were able to create a rare and vivid solid imagery favorably shades of the protagonist. Successfully weaving and the text of truisms. They do not dominate you. Even distinctly American humor (a fan that I am not, to put it mildly) here does not look shabby, and leads to the fact that the dramatic story of the film suddenly, before your eyes, it becomes positive, giving thirst for life and a positive outlook for the future. The film can be rightfully called a tablet of sadness, melancholy, bad moods and even depression. For me, this film has always been and still is the best therapist. Which will climb to you in the soul, but he stir up his "nature" so that he will want to review the heavy, turning points in life when suddenly "forgets" all these movies and give you the desired memories. Sometimes a glance "zamylivaetsya" and just need to refresh this view. And you feel ashamed. And you're ready to move on. Live, love and be optimistic in spite of everything. "Forrest Gump" is, in my view, a rare combination of different genres and film styles, which even one word to name it and you can not - it is a historical epic, and romance and thriller in a certain way, and comedy, and drama. In short, everything in life. A rare life manages somehow to one genre. And everyone is free to find in the movie that is closest to him. In this - a huge advantage of such rare films. The film "Forrest Gump" is, in my humble opinion, is a quintessence of wisdom that people have always known, but sometimes, due to some circumstances, a sort of "forgets". After watching the film, you can "remember everything"!

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