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Endless Love

Download Endless Love full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:44

Genre: Drama romance

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.3

Director: Shana Feste

Actors: Alex Pettyfer, Gabriella Uayld, Bryus Grinvud, Joely Richardson, Robert Patrick, Riz Ueykfild, Dayo Okeniyi, Emma Rigby, Anna Enger, Fabbiann Therese

Budget: $ 20 million

Year: March 6, 2014

Download Endless Love

Download Endless Love full movie for free. Romantic melodrama. He - not an angel, high daring guy who is obsessed with wheelbarrows. She - the approximate pupil, blond beauty from a wealthy family. Their love is forbidden, and therefore doubly desirable - passion burns them to ashes and thrown into the abyss. "Anatomy of Love" - ​​a remake of the film Franko Dzeffirelli "Endless Love."

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Our Review:

Melodrama about feelings that are able to overcome all obstacles, to restore peace in the family and high-handed dad re-tyrant - for those who do not care to look at, if only about love. A student, blonde daughter of a successful doctor and Jade (Gabriella Uayld) graduated from high school, and not having got no friends, no boyfriend. However, muscular proletarian David (Alex Pettyfer) has appeared at the right time in the right place and not let her quietly change the status from botanki on vekovuhu. Between recent teens spun rapid and highly reprehensible, according to Pope Jade, a novel. In real life, he would have provoked a couple of run-ins with parents, early defloration and weekly depression after the break, when a bad scenario - maybe pregnancy. But it's not like people in the world of women-directed Sheny Fest. Love after school - it is, of course, to the grave, and monster-father had just strangled windy daughter in a dream pillow. Interestingly, the pattern of Franko Dzeffirelli "Endless Love", which is a remake of the film fest, and that is not the best creation of the Italian maestro. The story about young lovers who are adults put a spoke in the wheel, apparently shot in a fit of nostalgia for its famous "Romeo and Juliet", even to the early 80's was a bit naive. In the new film, all sharp angles and dramatic moments of the original smoothed to the level of the most dull the trivial. And Jade and David suffer perfectly, cubed. Lovely, honest and loving, they are the innocent victims of parental tyranny. Even the "dark" past, David, to which it is possible to dig hired restless father of the girl detective, gives divine grace - a boy in a fit of righteous anger beat, you see, lover, mother. Cloudless happy happy ending acted as the controlling head rolling destiny "Anatomy of Love", which, if and find its audience, is it that among the fans a nice Englishman Aleksa Pettifera ( "Beastly", "I - Fourth").

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