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Dear John

Free download Dear John movie.

Movie Length: 1:48

Genre: Drama Romance War

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.3

Director: Lasse Hallstrom

Actors: Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, Richard Jenkins, Genri Tomas, D. J. COTRONA, Cullen Moss, Gevin Makkalli, Jose Lucena ml., Keith Robinson, Scott Porter

Budget: $ 25 million

Year: February 25, 2010

Download Dear John

Free Dear John movie torrent. Two weeks spent with Savannah, changed John's life forever. Now, when his leave ended, and he returned to work, her writing - something that always supports his long days in the army. His promise to return as soon as possible and to marry her destroy the events of September 11, 2001, when he was forced to stay for another life. Does their love stand the test of time will be able to?

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Our Review:

Spring 2001, Charleston. American commando John vacationing surfing - not very effectively due to the lack of waves. Meanwhile, on the banks of the Savannah appears, and a handbag, in which "all her life" falls directly into the Atlantic Ocean. Without giving savanninomu boyfriend to prove himself, John himself diving for treasure, and then saying that he was bored, suggests the company. For two weeks they manage to Savannah each other scared to fall in love, but inevitably leave ends. John vows to return in twelve months and live with her happily ever after, as long as both of them have to be content with letters. The prospect is not the bezraduzhnaya, but ahead of September 11, and Papa John's fixated on numismatics, and Savannah's neighbor - autistic, yearning for the mother, and the time in heaven and on earth flies differently. Master tear genre Lasse Halstrem seems just trying to break the hearts of moviegoers, making the new suffer legendary Japanese dog Hachiko, and could, in principle, to take a well-deserved vacation. But apparently reasoned that since such a powerful kardioudara, when the enemy is almost defeated, ought not to stop, but on the contrary, it is time for the coup de grâce. As a deadly weapon was chosen book record for running middle distance Nicholas Sparks. It redrew and properly charged close-ups of Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, with a proportionally large tears in his eyes. This may sound daunting, but do not kill those parts of the brain, as the Savannah for the most part look like a fool, and John just concentrated dull. Upright naivety is quite suitable for youthful dramas of love, but in the "Dear John" drama tried to strengthen a variety of diseases and the fall of the twin towers. And as a result of all this complicated structure, as the glued glue paper for school, collapsing under its own weight. Hachiko was a dog and could not speak, and that was his strength. John and Savannah said, and often their words are unbearable - but not so much as glance Hachiko. They do not destroy the heart, but only the mind, and in this regard, "Dear John" is certainly merciful previous film Lasse Halstrema.

User's Review:

The name of the movie "Dear John" in the original carries an additional meaning, which can escape from the audience, unfamiliar with the English language in its American version. Dear John - is an expression that the American soldiers were called letters, where they left the house mistress says that she found another gentleman. Like the film's title immediately suggests that it would be a conflict of love associated with loyalty to family and duty. And this title does not disappoint. In the movie "Dear John" is a love story, which did not find the continuation, and the tragedy of a broken heart, and painful attempts to find a compromise between the feeling of love for a woman and love for the country. The viewer knows that at any moment, each of us may be faced with the need to make a choice on which all life is dependent. If you go to the cinema to relive new emotions for yourself and to meet with the characters on the spot that could be you - the movie "Dear John" is definitely for you. Someone he will draw the heat of emotion, someone will help you find answers to important questions for themselves. These questions are raised and world literature and world cinema is not the first, and certainly not the last time. It is said that there is nothing new under the sun, are not new, and any human experience. However, there are issues that not only every generation, but each person have to decide for yourself. Heroes decided to picture them in their own way. And how in their place would you have done?

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