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Dead Poets Society

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Movie Length: 2:08

Genre: Drama

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 8.0

Director: Piter Uir

Actors: Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Itan Houk, Dzhosh Charlz, Geyl Hensen, Dylan Kassman, Allelon Ruggiero, Dzheyms Uoterston, Norman Lloyd, Kertvud Smit

Budget: $ 16.4 million

Year: June 2, 1989 (World)

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Free download Dead Poets Society movie. Seven young men are students of the prestigious Academy in the United States - Wellton, the basis of which the four principles are: "Tradition", "Honor", "Discipline" and "perfection." However, the students themselves give a different definition of its pillars as they called it, the school "Hell." On the first day students meet the new teacher, Dzhona Kitinga, teaching methods which are radically different from traditional used in this school for the past many decades. New teacher starts teaching a fiery lecture about their inevitable death, and inspires young people to make a difference in their lives. Boys in secret from everyone back to life literary club "Dead Poets Society", of which at one time was himself Keating.

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Our Review:

A touching romantic drama about the confrontation of daily inertia and indifference. Pupils of the prestigious college Welton destined brilliant - and depressingly boring - future. Roommates Neil and Todd dream of a creative life, but in obedience to the will of authoritarian parents are learning to live in a predetermined pattern and follow the strict rules of the Academy. One of them is waiting for a doctor's career, another family wants to see a lawyer. Confusion in the strict routine of boys brings a new teacher of literature - Dzhon Kiting. Lesson of independence and self-reliance begins with a pair of eccentric antics: Keating makes students snatch senseless textbook chapter and advises them to climb on the desk - to look at life from a different angle. Views on life characters really change very quickly. Under the influence of the romance-teacher they discover in themselves poets and creators of their own lives. The clash with reality predictably ends in tragedy - but it does not make the characters change to new principles. British Film Academy recognized "Dead Poets Society" the best band in 1990 on account of the film - "Oscar" Best Screenplay and three more nominations - including Best Director (Piter Uir) and Best Supporting Actor: teacher Dzhon Kiting - one of the most lyrical, gentle and memorable images amateur fool about Robina Uilyamsa. A nice bonus - a vivid performance of young Roberta Shona Leonard (Dzheyms Uilson in the TV series "Dr. House") And Itana Houka ("reality bites". "Gattaca". "Waking life").

User's Review:

"Dead Poets Society" of 1989 without doubt the best and my favorite film of Australian director Peter Weir ( "The Truman Show," "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the Earth," "Witness") who has removed his long career for many diverse masterpieces. In this film, I think, had a crush even someone who is not particularly fan of poetry, as the story in the film is not really about her, but about finding yourself in an early adolescence, when your whole life ahead of you and you are under the influence of various factors, public opinion, parenting instruction, fashion trends and advice of friends trying to select their direction, their path in life, to choose what will be your engine is always and everywhere, something that will save you from the sad thoughts and will be realized as a person. This story is about hopes and desires, which in perseverance transformed into something tangible and vital, and more about the man who met probably every one of us in his life at least once, once said to us very important and the right thing, thanks that we are the ones who we are. Great actor, Oscar winner and a man with the most positive person in the world Robin Uilyams ( "What Dreams May Come," "Good Will Hunting"), a brilliant, intelligent and with a twinkle played the role of the teacher in the fullest sense and meaning of this word, which really able to understand and to teach you something important and right that respects the identity of their pupils and their personality, which is delicate and unobtrusive, destroying the stereotypes and corny gives life lessons and morals. I think anyone watching this film, remember that (perhaps the only one possible - not) a teacher from his school, which was different from all the others did see in you something, believe in you and support that is taught rather than grind. Piter Uir gathered a remarkable ensemble cast of young actors, of which the biggest stars in later beat out Robert Sean Leonard ( "House") and Iten Houk ( "Training Day"). And all played really inspiring and touching, charging good audience and prompting most light and warm memories of childhood. Three nominations and one award "Oscar" for the scenario in 1990, four nominations for "Golden Globe", 4 nominations and two British Academy Award, the award "Saturn", the award "David Donatello 'for best foreign film in Italy and" Silver ribbon "Peter Uiru as best foreign director, a prize named after Joseph Plateau for best foreign band in Belgium, the audience award at the International film Festival in Warsaw, and if even that is no reason for you to see this wonderful and warm film, then do it in spite of everything and through force, the effect will be, believe me.

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