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Movie Length: 1:37

Genre: Drama

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 3.8

Director: Maykl Almereyda

Actors: Itan Houk, Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich, John Leguizamo, Penn Bedzhli, Dakota Johnson, Anton Yelchin, Peter Gereti, Kevin Corrigan, Vonda Curtis Hall, Spencer Trit Klark, Bill Pullman, Delroy Lindo


Year: March 5, 2015

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Cymbeline download movie. Retelling of William Shakespeare's tragedy of the same name, the action moved to today. Cymbeline, the leader of the bikers, drug dealers, declares war on corrupt local cop. His daughter, Imogene and her lover Posthuma are left to fight for their love.

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Our Review:

It is puzzling film adaptation is not the most successful of Shakespeare, where the action is postponed until today. Crime boss Cymbeline (Ed Harris) wants to give his daughter Imogene (Dakota Johnson) for his adopted son Kloten (Anton Yelchin), Man, devoid of nobility and dignity. But she secretly marries a decent Posthuma (Penn Bedzhli). Learning of this, it casts Cymbeline. Man, in turn, enters into a bet with his friend Yakima (Itan Houk), who assures Posthuma that offend his secret wife easily. Yakimov sent to Cymbeline weave cunning intrigue around Imogen. Equally insidious demonstrates wife Cymbeline (Mila Yovovovich) that tends to kill her husband. Imogene meanwhile escapes and is dressed guy. All this would be very funny if it were not so sad. Another attempt to modernize Shakespeare play in this case looks absurd, especially if the play is a set of dies and awkward nonsense. In fact, this is another love story disguised as a crime film. But among bikers, drug dealers, which turns love young hearts and Imogene Posthuma, not shoots right on target as the best at the moment "rehash" in a new way the classic text - "Romeo + Juliet" by Baz Luhrmann. Do not save the situation and charisma Harris and Jovovich, although, admittedly, they are - the best there is in "Cymbeline." It is difficult to understand what is meant by the film director Maykl Almereyda, except that it is clearly not indifferent to the works of Shakespeare (in 2000, he took the same Hawke in "Hamlet"). Clearly, and "Cymbeline" is intended primarily to specialists in Shakespeare adaptations, as for the average visitor cinema genre of the film is not too defined. Most likely, he will appeal to fans of the painting "Fifty Shades of Gray", who want to take a look at Dakota Johnson in a new role and a new love story, where instead of sadistic love art house they will be offered a story of emotions, aimed at overcoming circumstances. Also, the film will find its audience among fans of jaunty soundtrack. Wait any longer, alas, does not come from him.

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