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Crank: High Voltage

Free download Crank: High Voltage movie.

Movie Length: 1:36

Genre: Comedy Drama Action Crime Fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.2


Actors: Dzheyson Steytem, ​​Amy Smart, Duayt Yoakam, Efren Ramirez, Dzhulann Chidi Hill, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Reno Wilson, Kion Young, Art Hsu, Dzhozef Dzhulian Soria

Budget: $ 20 million

Year: April 16, 2009

Download Crank: High Voltage

Download movie Crank: High Voltage for free. The accident assassin Chev Chelios remains the heart, instead of which he put the implant with a battery that requires periodic recharging. Now, his path strewn with corpses, not only enemies that prevented him reunite with his precious body, but also the high-voltage wires, which it requires direct physical contact, not to die. Hero continues to help his friend Doc Miles, a consultant on how to keep the adrenaline and the high voltage in Ceva life.

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Our Review:

Chev Chelios (Dzheyson Stethem) so poorly fell out of a helicopter in the first part of "Adrenaline", which woke up in hell, where he belongs, and on the operating table in the Chinese underground clinic. This is the beginning of the second "Adrenaline" and the new race, but this time not from the Chinese poison. Chevu cut his mighty heart that longed decrepit boss of the triad, and in its place inserted the artificial: it was assumed that Chev yet will live, and he cut off a lot of other things. But Chev Chelios did not want to share the authorities, so the Chinese escaped and immediately began to hunt for small mafia with a suitcase, in which, as Chev believes and is his native heart. The marathon takes place with some delay, because the artificial heart must be regularly recharged. And Chev recharges - from a car battery, shocker from the police, from the strict dog collar and even static electricity caused by friction of two bodies active. In some places it looks scary, and sometimes - inappropriate for the genre hilarious. Absolutely furious installation multiplied by the insane fantasy Neveldine / Taylor, authors, and the first "Adrenaline", too, is crowned fashionable "right" Dmitry transfer (Goblin) Puchkov. This means that the most popular is the beginning of the conversation short, "Hey, n * dor", and only promises to x * p like spilling from a machine-gun barrel. Crazy scene sex rodeo at the racetrack, vnesyuzhetnaya, but very funny insert "young Chevy Chelios speaker at the talk show" and Incredibly crazy massacre, in one of them instead of the heroes stupidly waving doll wearing masks - also perfectly characterize the entire otvyaznyh notion reminiscent rather, any trick Tarantino-Rodriguez than another standard action movie. Generally, the second "Adrenaline" managed to offend a crowd of people of all skin colors. Apply a terrible moral damages animal welfare advocates, feminists, gays, lesbians, cardiologists, police and personally actor David Carradine, who played here Otherwise, the Chinese old man. But it was all done so brazenly, boldly and funny that you can only choking with laughter, to see out the titles, and then take the time to get away and get some pleasure and hope for the continuation of the story.

User's Review:

If the most disgusting films received their world "Oscar", the sequel to "Adrenaline" to get a well-deserved reward for a lousy director, Vile effects and most importantly - for the most disgusting movie. It is not clear at first how it all came to light because of immoral brutes in the world quite a bit, but only the number of persons to this film, and rejoice, and secondly, what thought interesting and charismatic actor Dzheyson Stetem, when he gave his consent to shoot in such a rotten movie? Jason general problems with taste, considering that he had agreed to cooperate with the same Uve Bollom when he starred in "Dungeon Siege". Unlike many other actors, meticulously chose their own projects, Jason boldly indulges in all serious, probably saying to yourself - hey, it's just a movie. No, Jason, it's not "just a movie." It is also a memory in the world after you, and your picture in the minds of millions of people. So now you're going to pull a still image of the end-moral monster who must be locked for life and serve food on a long stick. You simpleton, brother. The idea of ​​two "Adrenaline" resembles such utter adaptation of the game GTA: strong unscrupulous character runs through the streets, people are thrown from vehicles, beats and all kinds of faces plunges the world into the primeval chaos. Apparently, the creators of thought - why not? If ever there were a game, then why not give the audience a film, it certainly find its fans. What is interesting, there were fans, and do not think they're all so much moral monsters. But the trouble is that it does not make a disgusting movie better. But I would even further removed carefully! The entire film operators run headlong with amateur cameras in their hands, occasionally dropping them, and kicking. With real-life movie is the total no more than a horse with a guitar hell. Sense it as much as the hair on the head in Fantomas. Glavgeroy Chad at the end of the previous film breaks down from a helicopter, and at a speed exceeding 200 km / h falls on the car, destroying it to the ground. At the beginning of this particular film received the corpse tear off shovel from the bridge and taken to a clandestine clinic where the heart is cut out for the purpose of transplantation him some Chinese old man. And now stand still, the universe. The hero comes to life. No fractures. There is such a sailor bike, about the persistence of sharks. One shark was caught, pulled onto the deck and gutted, completely clearing the abdominal cavity, then thrown overboard. All this time the shark was still alive, and being released into the wild, he began to chase the boat and swam in this way more than an hour without showing signs of illness. Chad reminded me of the shark, the only difference is that marine predators to bipedal monster is very, very far away. But we do not look for parallels with reality - bredyatinu that fills the local scenario, the envy of the most difficult patient in the clinic for dangerous s just. That there is only pseudo-scientific nonsense about static electricity that recharges the internal battery supposedly artificial heart. Do not it be easier to just give Chad some hand pump to pump blood, so he shook his hand and independently maintained circulation? What a good idea - it is fighting with kitaezami and the pump itself shakes cease - will die. Give "Adrenaline-3"! A million dollars for the idea otlistayte, please. Somehow it all reminds Robert Rodriguez. But Rodriguez, firstly, there is the taste, and secondly, talent and sense of proportion. Neither one nor the other, nor the third authors "Adrenaline" and there is no trace, so that chopper, which is being watched in "Machete" fun and relaxed, looks absolutely intolerable in a film with Statham. This is not fun. And it is not scary. It's nauseating. Gunfight at the strip club. Naked women, of course, take active part in it. That's one babe boobs shoot through, and out of the silicone begins to flow. She squeals, squats, shaking hands. Here stands before the tattooed mafia boss, and sadly reports that missed Chad. The boss is furious. He orders the guilty "to apologize in Columbia." He pulls out a knife and cuts, sorry, your own nipple, with the flip-flop throwing it on the floor. "And now a second!" - coolly team boss. But the tortured Chinese, chopping off with a machete it is not something, and elbow. But our hero is closely pressed against the elderly woman, and begins to rub on it, in order to cause a static discharge. But he also fervently fuck with his girlfriend in a crowded racetrack under the hooting crowd during horse race. In the most crucial moment through a couple of jumps racehorse, and the viewer sees all the details, it is HORSE.

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