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Combien tu m'aimes?

Free download Combien tu m'aimes? movie.

Movie Length: 1:35

Genre: Drama Comedy Romance

Country: Italy, France

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: Bertrand Blier

Actors: Monica Bellucci, Bernard Campan, Zherar Deparde, Jean-Per Darrussen, Edouard Baer, ​​Farid Rahuadzh, Sara Forestier, Michel Vyuyermoz, Fransua Rollin, Zhan Barne

Budget: 10 million €

Year: June 6, 2006

Download Combien tu m'aimes?

Download movie Combien tu m'aimes? for free. Francois (Bernan Campan) - ordinary office worker. But once he wins the lottery 4 million euros and decides to "buy" in a brothel on the Place Pigalle beauty-Italian Daniela (Monika Beluchchi). From now on she will live with them, earning 100 thousand euros per month - and so until the end of all the winnings Francois. But one day on the horizon appears a former lover Daniela Charly (Zherar Deparde), and again she goes to him. Separated from Francois she suddenly realizes that he is the man of whom she always dreamed. But is it possible to go back to him? "How do you stand" - erotic comedy by Bertrand Blier, director of such films as "One, two, three… Freeze! "," The man of my life "," Actors "and others.

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Our Review:

Unremarkable balding clerk (Bernard Campan) in one day appears in the bar with prostitutes and confidently tells the audience that he won the lottery a few million euros. Under the influence of such information underwhelming most luxurious of the girls (Monika Beluchchi) agrees to spend his wife. But as he - heart problems, and she - with leisure time, their "family life" constantly interfering doctors, colleagues (both sides), the willing neighbor and gangsters. It has become a tradition already known French director Bertrand Blier was unable to do in his film without the famous French actor Zherara Deparde. The erotic comedy maestro is not the first freshness got the role of "bad guy" with a gun and two elegant thugs-guards. Unpleasant man given Depardieu is not much, but when he does "scary face" and danced, waving a gun - I want to laugh heartily. CAMPAIGN good at transitions from almost glowing with happiness, handsome in a dull and broken elf ears. Well, Monica - she still radiates beauty and body treatments, in some moments for the average Italian brushing over forty, not burdened by evil and fitness. It all together like a daring skit where everyone strives to get to the stage to make his line in the general hubbub, or even waved. Everyone tries to get a word in and grab Monica chest, grab at least one cream-colored rose with this skater cake. Seeing such a stir, the heroine Monica naturally will try to sell the roses more, until a successful sales process will not interfere love. If we compare with the misogynistic "Going Places", seems to be equally partial to your and our new film Blier. One is driven by the calculation, others seek to cheat and get for free - all shown in close-up and without cuts. But here, too risible aging Frenchman did not deny himself the pleasure of 150 times and repeat with variations pomusolit phrase, "My wife - a slut." Ah yes Pushkin, oh yes son of a bitch.

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