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Free download Choke movie.

Movie Length: 1:32

Genre: Drama comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Clark Gregg

Actors: Sem Rokuell, Ketrin Aleksandr, Teodorina Bello, Kate Blumberg, Dzhona Bobo, Uilli Burk, Hezer Borns, Mett Dzherald, Clark Gregg

Budget: $ 3,000,000

Year: January 15, 2009

download Choke

Free Choke movie torrent. The film "Choke" is based on the novel by Chaka Palanika. The protagonist Viktor Manchini a crook who earns a living by portraying suffocation. Designated his trick, he chooses the most expensive, where visitors, saves his life, could donate a tidy sum to recover his charge. Earned money he sends her mother for treatment of Alzheimer's disease. In his spare from the "basic" work time Victor earns a theme park of the colonial period, going to nightclubs in search of girls. Chak Palanik starred as an airplane passenger who sits at the end of the movie on a nearby chair with Victor.

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User's Review:

I will not hide the fact that Chak Palanik is one of my favorites of the living, the authors. And in this screen version of his book, I was waiting with mixed feelings - in the first place is still fresh in the memory of a pretty successful staging of "Fight Club", but secondly we actively eyesore failing film is based on the immortal works. In general, the experience of watching the movie was going to be at least interesting. But it was not there. The vision of the director of the book was surprisingly strange: the impression that he had read her eyes to the floor, in between half of the match on the American football, jumping from one page to the third. I understand that the film Palahniuk arhitrudnoe activity, but, nevertheless, this can adequately handle, as shown by the example of "BC". The only thing that really pleased the two male lead roles. Yes, controversial, but controversial, but received a very harmonious and very "palanikovskimi". The scenario does not withstand any criticism which, when watching constantly the impression that I get dropped from the narrative for a good half an hour - so healthy pieces carelessly passes director. Jobs operator surprising naivety - such unsophisticated and straight frames I have not seen since the days of "Alexander" (but there it was at least nice). The special aesthetic Velikogo Chaka gone somewhere in the movie, and starring the characters look ridiculous and unconvincing. And absolutely not disclosed idea of ​​the book, there is no such vivid and compelling, powerful scenes, and where on earth are wonderful original ending? I'm at a loss. Why it was necessary to shoot this? So watch this movie did not read, in advance, a book I highly do not recommend - will create a false impression about the work that either is quite difficult to understand, cause only a smile absurdity, and not the good black humor that permeated the original work. The only thing that I have in all this pleases is the fact that there is a certain amount of people who are watching this film will follow the book (although the team who worked on the film tried to do everything to prevent it), and in the camp of fans of Chuck will be added.

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