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Free download Chef movie.

Movie Length: 1:54

Genre: Drama Comedy Family

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.3

Director: Dzhon Favro

Actors: Dzhon Favro, Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Oliver Platt, Bobby Cannavale, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr., MJ Antony, Amy Sedaris


Year: June 5, 2014

download Chef

Free download Chef movie. Culinary comedy that revolves around a chef Carl Casper lost his job, in a Los Angeles restaurant. Together with the former administrator of the restaurant, which they once tied a few more than a working relationship, Carl decides to organize a network of food on wheels, to find the lost culinary inspiration and simultaneously to improve relations with the family. The film "Chef" was directed by Jon Favreau return to the low-budget movie.

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Our Review:

The return of director Dzhona Favro to the low-budget movie with a comedy cooking. The chef of one of LA restaurants Carl is so passionate about his profession, that his wife is now - the former, and the relationship with his son is rapidly going downhill. To top it all the restaurant owner, where does our keen chef delivers an ultimatum: either to cook strictly by prescription, or find a new job. Stung by Karl leaves the restaurant and almost immediately opened his own diner on wheels. First, to show all your culinary talent, and secondly, to establish relations with the family. To do this, assistants he takes his best friend and his son. First of all it is worth noting that the movie poster, flecked with the names of celebrities, order disingenuous: Johansson and Hoffman are purely secondary characters, and Downey as a cameo appearance otherwise you will not name. However, the film is, of course, does not spoil - unless you're out of habit expecting the appearance in the frame of Iron Man - the director invited his friends, and they supported him. Otherwise the chance to release in rent pretty standard comedy seriously argue that the most important thing in life - it is a creative freedom and loved ones, it would be enough. Of course, Favreau, who, taking his last three films, only he knew that struggled with major studios so shook the box office, this idea is somewhat more important, and perhaps more topical than for us. But even sincere and warmest impulses can not avoid criticism, and then: "Chef" becomes a hostage to its own desires. The film is trying very hard to be both funny (funny film, but not the best humor), and instructive, sometimes dropping almost to the didactic intonations (no wonder because the protagonist is not just a cook and chef), and it turns out he is not the best way. In reality, there are suspicions that these stylistic roughness - no more than the effects of blockbuster experience. Director, screenwriter and lead actor in one person wanted to turn the small kinoshku as in the good old days, but inadvertently forgot that tell personal stories - not the same thing as the rumbling CGI and boast top actors. As a result, the film was released in Favreau, as the character of the House DeLuise "History of the World, Part 1", "cute. Not spectacular, but nice. " And so it is particularly unfortunate that the next band director, only the beginning of a taste, is not just another low-budget project, and Disney's "Jungle Book".

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