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charlie Bartlett

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Movie Length: 1:37

Genre: Drama comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Dzhon Poll

Actors: Anton Yelchin, Robert Downey Jr., Houp Devis, Kat Dennings, Tyler Hilton, Mark Rendall Dylan Taylor, Megan Park, Dzheyk Epshteyn, Dzhonatan Meylen


Year: May 15, 2008

Download Charlie Bartlett

Charlie Bartlett download movie. Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin) - son of wealthy parents. But no daddy's money is not able to keep the guy from exclusion from all elite schools in the city. All the fault of his peculiar sense of humor. From extreme hopelessness parents give joker in the most that neither is an ordinary boarding school. Surprisingly, here with Charlie there are any metamorphosis, and he became a good student and a good friend to his classmates. Not just teachers and parents of the hero understands that the case for psychotropic pills that Charlie writes his personal physician and which is now a teenager decided to sell his classmates ...

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User's Review:

A little-known American film editor named John Paul ( "Meet the Parents," "Forever Young"), sitting in the 2007th year, suddenly in the director's chair, gave a sudden this wonderful and provocative teen comedy scripted his friend Gustin Nash ( "Youth in Revolt" ). This story is about a pretty savvy son of wealthy parents named Charlie Bartlett (by the way, his name and named in the original film), who was expelled again from a private school because of his hooligan nature and kind of sarcastic humor. His mother brings up one, and, tired of the endless antics of his son, sends it to the ordinary schools, but also in her clever humorist Charlie manages to bring your order to plant the entire school on the medications that he prescribed his psychologist, and arranged in the toilet of the school office adolescent psychoanalysis, and at the same time also zatusit good with a pretty and lively Susan, daughter of the school principal. If you're a fan of old teen comedy the '80s, if you still remember and love such films genius Dzhona Hyuza as "Club" Breakfast "" and "Sixteen Candles," then past this tape you place can not in any case, but for the fans like "American pie" here is, perhaps, a little vulgarity and frank conversations about sex. John Paul brilliantly managed to make a film about contemporary life in college at the same time funny, relevant and intelligent, not slipping into a familiar genre films like dullness and templates could see on the younger generation is more positive outlook and hope. A wonderful and incredibly talented actor Anton Yelchin ( "Alpha Dog," "How crazy") with a spark and mischief created on the screen is quite pleasant and interesting 17-year-old hero, educated and well-read, play the piano, but it is typical of Huckleberry Finn in soul, who can not sit still and is constantly looking for adventure on his head. Really liked the Houp Devis ( "American Splendor," "Road to Arlington") in the role of Marilyn, kind, loving and vseponimayuschey but Charlie's mother. Draws attention to the film, of course, and part incredibly stellar today Roberta Dauni Jr. ( "Chaplin", "Oh, this science"), begins just his career with the youth comedies in the 80s and participation in Hughes films. Robert and here managed to make out like a typical headmaster, quite attractive peasant, exhausted by all sorts of personal and work problems, which does not work to find a common language with her daughter, which is also perfectly played here a charming Kat Dennings ( "Defendor", "Be my boyfriend for 5 minutes "). "Charlie Bartlett" - a great and fun movie for teens and for those who still have them in my heart.

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