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Bugsy download movie.

Movie Length: 2:16

Genre: Biography Drama History Crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.8

Director: Barry Levinson

Actors: Uorren Bitti, Annette Bening, Harvey Keitel, Ben Kingsley, Elliott Gould, Dzho Mantenya, Richard S. Sarafyan, Bibi Nyuvirt, Gian Carlo Skandutstsi, Uendi Fillips

Budget: $ 30 million

Year: December 10, 1991 (World)

download Bugsy

Bugsy download movie. Bendzhamin Sigal - known in criminal circles American gangster nicknamed "Bugsy". But his name is primarily associated with Las Vegas - a city of casinos and a variety of institutions. Bugsy It occurred to open in the desert of Nevada's first casino, marked the beginning of an entire entertainment industry of America. But, when it is associated with a lot of money, if not impossible, to fully trust the closest. Bugsy betray those from whom he least expects to strike back. Biographical picture Barry Levinson was awarded two Oscars for the best scenery and costumes.

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User's Review:

Great movie 1991 from hotly my favorite director Barry Levinson ( "Rain Man," "Wag the Dog") of the birth of Las Vegas - the most famous city of temptations and gangster-romance that never saw the money, but only lived a dream and ideas. This film describes real events in the life of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, who arrived one day from New York to California in the late 30's, and fell there in the local beauty of Virginia Hill, who played in his life an important role and meeting with her was for Bugsy both happy and fatal. Once traveling through Nevada, only where permitted gambling, Bugsy comes the idea to build in this desert city with a casino, beautiful, bright and unique, which can be in style and brilliance to shell out the public so that they will still leave satisfied and come here again . Enlisting the money mafia, Bugsy still managed to start implementation of this idea into practice, but the betrayal from an unexpected and life on a grand scale did not allow him personally to complete its gigantic task to the end, but that his great idea, fortunately survived and continued to evolve, and today this city for many decades bring billions of dollars of America's economy, and the man did not hear anything about it, and do not dream at least once to go to Vegas, I personally can not imagine. Barry Levinson did not shoot the usual and another gangster saga of the bloody showdown, and the division of money, on the contrary, he has filled the film certain lightness and romanticism, and in the foreground there are more acts melodrama in the life of the protagonist, and he himself Bugsy here appears not quite typical gangster, and along with the atrocities that he creates on the screen, and it makes quite a cute and funny antics, thanks to which the viewer is perceived as something special, and not quite in the usual gangster world. Wonderful American actor Uorren Bitti ( "Bonnie and Clyde," "Dik Treysi") is not the first time tries on the hat and suit top three with Tommy-Hahn at the ready, but here he has already played some special colors, more vivid, animation by revealing to the viewer a bright inner world of his dark character, for which he was deservedly nominated for "Oscar" and "Golden globe" in the 92nd. His wife in real life and a wonderful actress Annette Bening ( "American Beauty", "Kids Are All Right") excellently done with the role of Virginia Hill - fatal muse Bugsy, for which he made his madness, and paid with his life. On the sidelines here as a flower of first-class actors, then you and Harvey Keitel ( "From Dusk Till Dawn") in the role of Mikki Koena and Ben Kingsley ( "Sexy Beast") as Meyer Lansky, Elliott Gould ( "Ocean's Eleven" ), Dzho Mantenya ( "Baby for a walk") and charming Bibi Nyuuirt ( "ready for anything"). The assets of the tape 2 "Oscar" nominations and 8, a "Golden Globe", as well as a nomination for the "Golden Bear" at the Berlin Film Festival. "Bugsy" not only tells you about some interesting historical events in America, but as it should, will entertain and delight, as it is in every sense a first-class movie from a really first-class director.

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