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Free Birdman movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:59

Genre: Drama comedy

Country: US, Canada

IMDB rating: 7.8

Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu

Actors: Maykl Kiton, Zach Galifianakis, Edward Norton, Andrea Rayzboro, Emi Rayan, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Kenny Chin, Zhamalov Harrison Lowe, Jeremy Shamos, Lindsay Duncan

Budget: $ 18 million

Year: January 22, 2015

download Birdman

Free Birdman movie torrent. The actor, best known for playing the iconic superhero, struggling wants to prove to everyone around that he could to look and on the stage. On the eve of the premiere of the play on Broadway with his participation, he fights with his ego, trying to regain his family's former glory and himself.

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Our Review:

Brilliant psychological tragicomedy Alejandro González Iñárritu, paradoxically combines the genre of "Theatrical Novel" and kinokomiksa superhero. One of the best films made in 2014. Riggan Thomson (Maykl Kiton), once a popular hero komiksovoy militants superhero Birdman, decides to prove to the world that is able to wipe the major theatrical work. He was up in a Broadway theater staging, where he played and directed, and starred. But his main problem becomes not so much need to keep in the hands of the whole process of producing up to work with the cast as a struggle with Birdman, turned into his alter ego, giving advice and snide having superpowers. The sooner the actor tends to get rid of the annoying alter-ego, the more trembling beneath his feet fragile world of creative nature. Riggan forced to argue with an extravagant entertainer Michael (Edward Norton), to sort things out with his young girlfriend, make excuses to his wife and daughter to follow the - former drug addict (Emma Stone). Indisputable NY kritikessa threatens not looking to destroy his writings Riggana brainchild and passion on stage and behind the scenes ready to break out like fire, the situation is constantly getting out of control, the inevitable failure threatens to ruin. Just a little bit, and the man on the verge of a nervous breakdown at risk of losing everything. But the man, so long worn on a suit of Superman feathered, capable of the most unexpected surprises. This is completely atypical for Mexican Inarritu film - like a breath of air from the heavens, where the hero takes his fancy. The picture seems a new reading of the cult of the painting "All That Jazz", cool mixed with the best films Vudi Allena. The dramatic conflict and dialogue, strung on a rod belt with the most incredible turns, until the finals held in tension and are fraught with surprises unexpectedly. This is a dialogue about everything at once - on the profession, the meaning of life, the price of success and the bitterness of defeat. Shot so that it is practically impossible to see mounting glue, "Birdman" poised at the crossroads of theater and cinema, showing amazing results thoughtful and fine workmanship. This is a very dramatic film - what's going on Keaton (Batman in the past) and Norton (formerly Hulk) should see with their own eyes. See and never forget.

User's Review:

What promise distributors: in Russia the film had almost no advertising campaign. On this picture only became known after her nomination on 9-winning film award "Oscar". "Best Film", "Best Actor", "Best Director", "Best Screenplay" and so on. D. Does the film Deserved many nominations? Every year in the Oscar-winning race involving these paintings, their attitude towards that difficult to identify clearly. With the "Birdman" - the same story. The film proved to be very controversial. Why you should watch: an interesting life story, containing a powerful intrigue. Like a strong binding to real persons and events. A few minutes later you believe in the existence of the characters that are on the screen. Throughout the film, the authors warm up the audience's curiosity. Answers to key questions, tormenting us since the beginning, are only at the end. Full of emotions to convey was simply not possible without having involved the brilliant cast. Maykl Kiton, Edvart Norton, Emma Stone and Zach Galifianakis - great! Their characters are so vivid that even I can not believe that the performers - all the time in the image. After watching the obviously huge amount of nominations for acting. Greatly surprised camerawork. Frames are constructed so that the whole picture is removed one double. The camera never for a moment left characters in the movie, and sometimes lies in wait for their appearance. Well-deserved nomination for cinematography. Good music. "Brand" drum accompaniment perfectly conveys the atmosphere and overall mood Broadway corners and theater stages. Why is not worth watching: the film is seen very ambiguous. This is a rather unusual blend of drama and comedy. We laugh at the wit of the characters in the verbal sparring, and a minute later observe a deeply personal tragedy. This approach is confusing. Like any festival film "Birdman" - a bold experiment, though brilliantly executed. This film is like not all. Conclusion: This picture has a number of advantages. Everybody can find something of their own. Personally for me, "Birdman" - the life story of the struggle has to be disappointed in a person's life, for their "place in the sun." This is an interesting and very unusual picture. But I doubt that such dramas need a mass audience.

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