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Free Bernie movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Drama Comedy Crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.8

Director: Richard Linklater

Actors: Dzhek Blek, Shirli Makleyn, Mettyu Makkonahi, Breydi Koulmen, Rishar Robisho, Rick Dayal, Brandon Smith, Larry Dotson, Merrilee MakKommas Matthew Greer, Veronica Orozco, Sonny Carl Davis, Mona Lee Fultz, Tommy John. Kendrick

Budget: $ 5 million

Year: June 16, 2011 (World)

download Bernie

Free Bernie movie torrent. In Texas, friendly mortician strikes up a friendship with a wealthy widow. But when she begins to control his life, he has to go to extreme measures.

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User's Review:

This new work is amazing and one of my favorite independent directors Richard Linklater ( "Me and Orson Welles," "The Newton Boys"), I was deeply touched and amused. Based on a true story the story of a good and lovely man named Bernie Tiede, who with all his heart loved life and people, and the response was also adored by everyone, he gave joy and himself to others, was noble, sincere, talented and open, but once done the heaviest of all possible crimes - murder. This film is captivating is the ambiguity of the image of the main hero - ordinary criminal, who seemed to be responsible and obliged to suffer the most severe punishment, but the reasons for which he did, and the man himself make you dismiss all the charges against him and then come up with different justification for which he should not be in prison. Interesting and original as the film is half made up of interviews with real people who had known and adored Bernie Tiede, and lived with him in the city of Tunis, in the state of Texas. By genre this film is a black comedy, and laugh here and really have something, even though the story is incredibly dramatic and difficult, and when the final show of the real Bernie Tiede and his pictures, everything becomes viewed feels more lively and impressive. Of course, shocked me at first flawless and magnificent work Dzheka Bleka ( "Shallow Hal," "Tropic Thunder"), worked to the film already with Richard Linklater in his remarkable "School of Rock", and a striking manner, always being transformed into his tapes in a completely different person. Frankly I do not like the comic talent of the actor and too vulgar, coarse and trite not funny to me his humor, although I like a lot of his films, but here he surpassed himself and is, in my opinion, definitely the best part of all of its film career. Black is simply gush of emotions, he is funny and pathetic, and touching, you have a lot of things to him you feel while watching, and he really thorough and detailed work on this way, I am very sorry that kinoakademiki not appreciated, "Golden globe ", he at least deserved. Very clearly, boldly and with the banter played here and the brilliant Shirli Makleyn ( "Flat", "Language is tenderness"), embodied on-screen incarnation of evil, a provincial scale, bitchiness and stinging the rich widow Mardzhori Nudzhent, who will bring to any holy madness. And I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to openly comedic roles dullish Attorney Danny Buck charismatic, and building his film career in recent years in the very right direction Matthew McConaughey ( "The Lincoln Lawyer", "We - a team"), and has been working for sometime Linklater with his "The Newton Boys." "Bernie" - a realistic and entertaining story makes one wonder about the strangeness and acts committed by one ordinary people, for whom it seems to be in no way peculiar to investigating the cause of all of this in a fun and relaxed manner. Bravo, Linklater!

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