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Being John Malkovich

Download Being John Malkovich full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:52

Genre: Drama Comedy Fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.8

Director: Spayk Dzhons

Actors: Dzhon Kyusak, Cameron Diaz, Ketrin Kiner, Ned Bellamy, Erik Vaynshteyn, Madison Lenk, Octavia Spencer, Meri Key Place, Orson Bean, KK Dodds

Budget: $ 13 million

Year: September 2, 1999 (World)

Download Being John Malkovich

Free Being John Malkovich movie torrent. The unsuccessful actor-puppeteer Kreyg Shvarts after a long job search is arranged with a strange office. its head office is located at 7½ floor and there is incredibly close - not even straighten up to his full height. But in one of the cabinets, Craig is a small secret door leading to… the body of the famous actor Dzhona Malkovicha. Surprise, the young man has no boundaries, but he quickly smekaet that discovery can make serious cash. For some $ 200 he and his colleague - an adventurous girl Maxine - organize excursions to the star body. But what he thinks about himself Malkovich?

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User's Review:

This film was the first feature-length project of the remarkable director and once clipmaker Spike Jonze, who previously filmed mostly shorts (he had them, and to this day has not thrown), he wrote the script and produced the "Jackass" on MTV, as well as some akterstvoval (the "Game" "Three Kings"). What is more remarkable, "Being John Malkovich" was the first feature-length project and for an amazing writer Charlie Kaufman, later distinguished himself as a first-class master the preparation of human consciousness and the creator of the most unusual and sometimes literally mozgovynosyaschih scenes in the movie, which Spayk Dzhonz took off in 2002 film "Adaptation" with Nicolas Cage and Meril Strip, and now in 2013-th scheduled their next joint project. "Being John Malkovich" movie in an unusual everything from the idea of ​​the film and ending with a completely wild and unusual for the actors involved in this film images. To say that this movie is not for everyone, there will be little unprepared viewer feel delirious half an hour after the show, and the sign of the cross will turn off this movie, and prepared to be desperately trying to adjust to absolutely fantastic, but it is earthly world, brilliantly created by Kaufman and Jonze, and they, in my opinion, in this paper came up with an entirely new cinematic language and film narration, when the viewer feels on the verge of insanity, but it clearly understands the message of the authors. The whole story about people who are much more comfortable to be someone other than yourself, who like to wear a mask to create himself some way and in every possible way to hide their identity. People are desperately trying to become someone else, especially acute is felt with the advent of in our Internet life where everything has long been hiding behind all sorts of nicknames, avatars, or at least by his own otfotoshopennymi photos, people already ridiculously so uncomfortable in her body that all came to some sort of absolute and total madness, tattoos, piercings, lip augmentation and plastic surgery on all parts of the body, sex change, but what they are today only methods do not go in order to escape from his own self. Kaufman and Jonze with biting satire, brilliant dialogue and a delicious black humor in this film are all over our society counterparts and pretenders. Stunning acting work Dzhona Kyusaka ( "Intuition"), Ketrin Kinner ( "An American Crime"), Cameron Diaz ( "The Holiday"), and of course, the genius Dzhona Malkovicha ( "Dangerous Liaisons") cause an absolute delight, and their characters are so bright, what about everyone could take off a separate film. 3 nominations for "Oscar" in the year 2000, 4 on the "Golden Globe" award of the British Academy Award for scenario 2 Award Venice Film Festival, 2 'Saturn' Award and a nomination for "Cesar", the film at the time made a lot of noise and punched Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman road to a great movie, and if you are looking for in a movie something really unusual, deep and new, the acquaintance with the work of these kinoeksperimentatorov, not without a sense of humor, it will be for you a great and a pleasant discovery.

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