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Before We Go

Before We Go download movie.

Movie Length: 1:29

Genre: Drama Comedy Romance

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.9

Director: Chris Evans

Actors: Chris Evans, Elis Iv, Scott Evans, Emma Fitzpatrick, Mark Kassen, Beth Katehis, Daniel Spink, Kevin Kerolan, Elli Vuds ml.


Year: September 12, 2014 (World)

Download Before We Go

Before We Go download movie. A man and a woman, not previously know each other, spend the night together. Contradictions experienced by the heroes in life, become the basis for the study of each other and themselves.

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User's Review:

I confess to watching this movie, I did not know anything about the actor who played the main character, I just wanted to see the melodrama. Nothing special of it, I did not expect. Surprisingly, it turned out the opposite effect is expected. The movie draws from the first minute and keeps the audience in a pleasant languor throughout its length. Paintings, where the main violin played by two actors, in my opinion, are very complex in terms of staging, because the viewer's attention on anyone no longer is distributed and can be tired when viewing. Chris Evans to deal with it brilliantly, giving the viewer no chance to get bored. The main characters - ordinary people with their everyday problems, habits, fears, meet by chance in the night New York, and that night they need to be together, because the heroine was left late for the last train and also was left without money, and the hero He does not want to leave her in the lurch. So begins this wonderful film. Followed by attempts to somehow get out of this banal situation, but, in fact, the characters tested this winter night her feelings and affections, understanding and accepting the end of the movie, all of their fallibility. Dialogues thought out to the smallest detail, to the actors is very nice to look at, they believe that the worst at first, the night can be the best, and Christmas New York the warmest place on the planet. Would you believe that any problems can be overcome by trusting each other and that, despite the open ending, love will triumph. In my opinion, this film is not for the general public. He is very intimate. Attracts no sex scenes, vulgarity inherent to most paintings, is the aftertaste of tenderness, vagueness, and the belief that all must be well.

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