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Beautiful Creatures

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Movie Length: 2:02

Genre: Drama fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Richard Lagravenes

Actors: Alden Erenrayk, Alice Englert, Dzheremi Ayrons, Viola Davis, Emmy Rossum, Thomas Mann, Emma Thompson, Aylin Etkins, Margo Martindale, Zoi Doych, Kyle Gallner


Year: February 14, 2013

Download Beautiful Creatures

Download Beautiful Creatures full movie for free. Mystical story about the dark secrets of respectable families. Lena Duchannes different from all those who have ever seen a small southern town Gatlin, she struggles with trying to subdue its power and curse for centuries haunted her family. Ethan Waite, a few days before his escape from Gatlin, pursuing dreams of a beautiful girl he has never met. When Lena comes to live in a house on the oldest and most terrible of all the city's plantation, Ethan falls in love with her and deliberately trying to uncover the secret of their amazing connection.

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Our Review:

Long-term stay in Eastwick, Hogwarts, Forks, then everywhere. The graduation class of school in Gatlin (Louisiana) comes newcomer - Duchannes Lena (Alice Englert), dark weird girl with pedigree. It instantly falls in love with Ethan (Olden Eyrenrayk), a young man, too pumped up for botany and too erudite for the first handsome release. Correct classmate Ethan brought up in the Christian faith, then realize that Lena - Satanist. Well, or a witch. What it expressed itself Lena - Enchantress. On this you can completely relax, stop to penetrate and simply admire the mysterious southern landscapes, ancient family vaults, strange house, densely overgrown with dark green, Dzheremi Ayrons in perfect fitting suits as Enchantress uncle boldly low-necked Emma Thompson Talking Hat and two roles at the same time . And of course, the frames for which filmed the entire movie: the main character, with his long skirts and dresses glittering calves, runs across the field, beginning with the storm and fighting to the bleeding favorite. Delve really not worth it. Manners and customs prevailing in the casters, the camp is so severe that defy explanation. Upon reaching the age of 16 every witch (just a word shorter than the "Enchantress") is called light or dark side, the girl can not choose. Or maybe, if you are very strong. If it chooses the dark side, and the witch's family belongs to the light, the girl kicked out, if she is not a stranger, and was brought up by these same people. Bright witch in this case may well be the man who killed his own mother, threw her sister out of the house and a large framed a few relatives. About fathers out there do not recall a single time. It's all just outrageous. Perhaps someone may seem funny to look (although what there is to look) parallels to "Twilight." A lot of them. Only the voice-over reads not the heroine and hero, evil glittering eyes, not the epidermis, and literary works aloud the quote is not small pieces, but whole paragraphs. And do it in passing, entering people's thoughts in a scenario without taking a breath, without the quotes. The "beautiful creatures" there are several funny scenes, mostly related to the witch-Christian confrontation couple of religious fanatics, but then it is at all desire can not be called svezhevydumannym. However, there are positive aspects: such substance can not be smudge into five parts, even a very thin layer.

User's Review:

A film about the lives of people in the small town of Gatlin, and about how their lives are changing with the arrival in town of Lena Duchannes. Lena hard to learn a new school because of the envious and dissolve gossip about her classmates. But in this school she meets her love Ethan Waite. Ethan fell in love with Lena at first sight, and throughout the film he is fighting for his love, even after he learned that Lena Enchantress (witch), and even acquainted with her family was not scarecrow. He tries to help her go to the good side, but Lena's mother Sarafina intends to make the daughter of the evil Enchantress and this throws Ethan a medallion on which the family curse. If you're interested in watching a film. I think this movie is interesting. It's about a real and sincere love, as well as the eternal struggle between good and evil. This film is not a parody of "Twilight" and other lyrical movies with vampires and all sorts of mystical creatures. This wonderful film about the fact that no matter how we try, we can not only be good or only evil as both are present in us. Yes, and in addition it should be noted the professionalism of the actors of this movie: Camille Balsamo Englert Alice, Ayrons Dzheremi, Rossum Emmi, Alden Ehrenreich.

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