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Movie Length: 2:17

Genre: Drama thriller thriller crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.7

Director: Ron Howard

Actors: Kurt Russell, Uilyam Bolduin, Robert De Niro, Donald Sutherland, Jennifer Dzheyson Li, Scott Glenn, Rebecca De Mornay, Dzheyson Gedrik, JT Walsh, Anthony Mockus Art.


Year: May 24, 1991 (World)

download Backdraft

Free download Backdraft movie. Father Brian and Steven worked as a firefighter and was killed during the operation. The reason for this was the so-called "reverse thrust" - the term professional firefighters characterize the explosion-like inflation of smoldering fires with fresh air. Seriously worrying over the death of his father, Brian refuses career firefighter and Steven goes in the footsteps of parents and seeking recognition in their field. The relationship between the brothers remain strained until fate brings them together. Younger brother goes in search of a dangerous criminal, an arsonist, and the senior helps him in this.

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User's Review:

This is one of the most iconic films of my childhood, dramatic, spectacular and spiritualize tape '91 took the genius and cult director Ron Howard ( "A Beautiful Mind," "Far and Away"), created for his long career as an incredible amount loved by millions of masterpieces. At the center of this story, two brothers, Stephen, nicknamed "Bull" and Brayan Makkeffri, the children of the famous and respected in the city firefighter who died once on the job at reverse thrust - vzryvoobrazuyuschem fanning smoldering fires because of the fresh air. Senior Stephen followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a worthy and brave firefighter and Brian Jr. decided not to tie his life with the fire, but somehow he finds himself in the same team with Stephen and their relationship strained to the limit. Suddenly, in their ranks declares the mysterious and calculating killer, arsonist, arranging horrific arson throughout the city and in this way which reduces some of his scores with colleagues. Bryan with an inquisitive investigator Donald Rimgeylom, trying to get on the trail of the traitor, and find out the reasons for his father's death. Probably, all the boys in my childhood dream to be a fireman and I, too, was no exception, but I can say with accuracy that is the desire aroused in me was after watching this unforgettable film. Ron Howard took not just spectacular, detailed and impressive movie about the dangerous and heroic profession, he took the story of this fraternity, of mutual help and the strength of the male character and spirit. This film is still striking in its scale and the protagonist of course there are the far outstanding actors involved here, and the fire - overwhelming force, not subject to sometimes man. Stunning and star in those years, Kurt Russell ( "Crash", "3000 miles to Graceland") and did not become a big celebrity, Uilyam Bolduin ( "Flatliners", "Fair Game") beautifully created on the images of different screen, but brothers loved each other, each with its own strong and complex character and his world, and though their share and irreconcilable contradictions, life values ​​they share. The cast is here slumped extremely colorful, Jennifer Dzheyson Li ( "Dolores Claiborne," "Single White Female") and Rebecca De Mornay ( "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle," "Stranger") nicely decorated their participation exclusively male brotherhood and venerable Robert de Niro ( "Raging bull," "Once in America"), Scott Glenn ( "Training day," "Silence of the lambs") and Donald Sutherland ( "Johnny Got His gun," "Twentieth century") masterfully embodied on screen wise elders . "Backdraft" - an absolute masterpiece of the 90th and one of the most exciting, memorable and favorite movies to their generation.

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