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An Unfinished Life

Download An Unfinished Life full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:48

Genre: Drama

Country: USA, Germany

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Lasse Hallstrom

Actors: Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez, Morgan Freeman, Dzhosh Lukas, Demien Lyuis, Camryn Menheym, Becca Gardner, Lynda Boyd, Rob Hayter, P. Linn Dzhonson

Budget: $ 30 million

Year: October 6, 2005

Download An Unfinished Life

Download movie An Unfinished Life for free. Einar Dzhilkison for ten years hard going through the death of his only son. He threw the economy, launched a ranch, and generally closed from the outside world. The only person about whom Einar cares - his employee and friend Mitch, crippled grizzlies. Suddenly bursts into his life the former daughter Jeanne, which Einar blames for his son's death. She, too, is experiencing difficult times - woman ruined, and also is a fugitive. At the ranch, she brings a 11-year-old girl who, according to Jeanne, is the granddaughter of a farmer. Thanks to this little girl, her need for her family and interest in agriculture life heroes "An Unfinished Life" is gradually beginning to build, and mutual accusations cease.

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User's Review:

This soulful and beautiful drama set in the 2005's one of my favorite Swedish directors have long settled and taken root in Hollywood Lasse Hallström ( "The Shipping News," "The Cider House Rules") after the novel by Mark Spregga ( "Big Medicine"). Lost once her husband in a car accident in which she was at the wheel, Jin brings Dzhilkison daughter Griff constantly experiencing an acute shortage of money, and her new boyfriend occasionally likes to dismiss his hands, and after another quarrel, she runs away from him. The only place where she at least someone was from the family - a ranch in the mountains of Wyoming, where he lives the father of her deceased husband Einar Dzhilkinson, grandfather of her daughter. Einar unsociable, not very talkative, and country-style coarse, and the only person with whom he maintains a good relationship, a friend and employee Mitch, crippled when a grizzly. Einar unfriendly meets Jean and admits that it blames for the death of her son at the grave which he walks every day and talk to him, but he blamed his granddaughter had nothing, and he takes them to his house. And through the accumulated resentments, recriminations and general pain which have not healed, Einar, Jean and Griff go through a difficult path to the realization that they still family and not strangers to each other people. Critics the film has caused different and controversial opinions, someone film touched, someone drove off to sleep, I belong to the first, because I love movies about the heartland of America, with its captivating nature and the simple but fundamental people love chamber music and dramatic stories about people who, no matter what the tragedy, trying to collect his shattered life bit by bit, and support each other, I love movies about family and, of course, infinitely love, known always by me, the art style Lasse Halstoma, who more than anyone else in EET picture to fill the screen and the hot breath of real life. The only drawback of the tape on which I think I come down from the critics in their opinion it is Dzhennifer Lopes ( "Out of Sight," "Money Train"), who played well in the film, but not much more, but with such masters of drama as Robert Redford ( "Havana", "Three days of the Condor") and Morgan Freeman ( "10 steps to success," "Feast of love") still want to see the actress appropriate to their level, more emotional or something that could jump over your head and really move that is not yet possible for all the talents Dzhennifer Lopes in her movie, in my opinion, do. "An Unfinished Life" - heart-warming film about people who love and quiet farm life, which I strongly recommend to see everyone who is tired of the bustle of cars and frantic pace of the city.

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