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An Education

An Education download movie.

Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Drama

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 7.3

Director: Lone Scherfig

Actors: Keri Malligan, Peter Sarsgaard, Dominik Kuper, Rozamund Payk, Emma Thompson, Oliviya Uilyams, Alfred Molina, Kera Seymur, William Melling, Konnor Kechpoul

Budget: $ 7.5 million

Year: March 11, 2010

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Free download An Education movie. United Kingdom, 1960. 16-year-old Jenny lives in the province of boring, but dreams of studying in Oxford. By this it has a special predisposition: it is a good student, a talented cellist and just ambitious young lady. But familiarity with the nice man David alter her views. He was older than she was almost doubled, but spends almost every weekend in Paris, buys only the most expensive and fashionable clothes, goes to the fabulous restaurants and knows all about jazz. Before this set even Oxford pales… The film is based on the eponymous memoir of the British journalist Lynn Barber.

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Our Review:

High school student Jenny (Kerri Malligan) dutifully studying English literature, tormented cello and crams Latin - to bring happiness to his inflexible dad and go to university. Dad (Alfred Molina) does not tire of repeating about the importance of education in the life of every girl, and Jenny used to think that once upon a time they approved the plan of life - the only possible. In fact, she dreams of Paris, but, alas, the shortest path to get to it is not through the English Channel, and in Oxford. Arose once in the pouring rain smiling man (Peter Sarsgaard), a sports car and in the prime of life, easy to change all of its coordinate system. This quiet, unpretentious and thoroughly English movie named in the original capacious word "Education" and drive in our hire within the scope of "Sentimental Education", has managed to properly lighted at several festivals and received three nominations for "Oscar". The lion's share of this success - the merit of Kerri Malligan, who managed in his twenty-two so touching to play ordinary sixteen - a fool? a girl? When you're sixteen, these two words are often used interchangeably - with emotion, hormones, enthusiasm and read books. Thanks to Kerry and the BBC special ability to do almost any raw material quality stuff, "Sentimental Education", built on a tiny piece of the biography of a British journalist who happened if not too deep, but it is solid and complete. Potential heroine hardly derive from this history lesson, so that it can be considered a pretty sketches made with ease and gloss only to be made.

User's Review:

Stunning, smart and subtle British belt by loudly declared itself in Hollywood after this film Danish postanovschitsy Lone Scherfig ( "One Day"), filmed on the script remarkable, and quite often ekraniziruemogo English writer Nika Hornbi ( "About a Boy," "High fidelity "), who took as a basis the autobiographical memoirs of British journalist Lynn Barber. The main character of the story of 16-year-old Jenny, the beautiful and refined girl, an excellent student and a talented cellist, preparing for entrance to Oxford. One day she meets a charming and well-mannered boy named David, who is older than her twice, has a broad outlook on life and excellent taste, versed in the art, jazz and is very bohemian lifestyle. In the yard 60th and Jenny, who lives in the province of boring, this knowledge becomes a window to another world, inviting, bright and vicious. And now, the long-awaited arrival in Oxford ceased to be so important to her, she is ready to plunge into the world of David, but the first love as always comes first disappointment, and Jenny have a lot still to learn and not to burn time before entering into adulthood. Lone Scherfig managed to make a really intelligent and beautiful movie with the right message and a fascinating story, masterfully crafted, being Danish, classic English ambiance and all that so captivates and enchants the main character Jenny, fabulous restaurants, great music, a trip to Paris, luxurious dresses and suits, excellent and witty humor. Big opening for Hollywood became the female lead is fragile and seductive Keri Malligan ( "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps", "Best"), nominated for her role as Jenny in the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe", which received the prize of the British Academy, and also award the US National Board of Review. This young actress wonderfully combines the grace of Odri Hepbern, Ava Gardner and sexy kind of cute and disarming naturalness. Very nice and charismatic here and Peter Sarsgaard ( "Boys Do not Cry," "Garden State") in the role of an insidious seducer and impresses all vtoroplanovyh cast, among which very often the stars here and the beauty Rozamund Payk ( "Barney's Version") and diverse Dominik Kuper ( "The devil's Double"), and the pride of England great Emma Thompson ( "Sense and Sensibility"), brisk Sally Hawkins ( "Carefree") and the colorful Alfred Molina ( "Chocolate"). The 2008th film noisily walked through festivals, grab a three nominations for "Oscar", one on the "Golden Globe", seven nominations and one award of the British Academy, and two awards at the festival "Sundance". It is highly recommended for viewing the film "An Education" all the young ladies standing before a choice, which way to go, as well as their mothers, sometimes are not finding adequate words to explain the daughters the importance of correct choice.

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