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american Translation

Download American Translation full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:49

Genre: erotic drama

Country: France

IMDB rating: 5.4


Actors: Lizzie Brocheré, Per Perre, Jean-Marc Barr, Benjamin Bohlen, Esteban Carvajal-Alegria, Frederick Ng, Karl Edrard, Djedje Apali, Loren Delbek, Ionita Radu Georgescu


Year: December 15, 2011

Download American Translation

Free American Translation movie torrent. He sits at the bar of the hotel bar. She - in the lobby, a few meters from him. Their eyes met and since then begins the story of the turbulent, unbridled passion that can only happen in twenty years. She - the daughter of an American businessman, equally fluent and French, and in English, he - a fan of all American, but does not speak in English, it does not have roots, his house - a van on wheels, in which the young lovers and recover to go all over the world. She hastens to love everything he lives. But it soon becomes clear that the greatest passion Man - drug need to kill ...

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Our Review:

Erotic drama about the search for inner freedom, which is achieved at the cost of serial murders, and sacrificial love, able to close their eyes to any violations. The film took part in the main competition of the last Moscow Film Festival. Aurora - a young girl who had come from America to Paris. Chris - a young French man who is obsessed with everything American. Their meeting was predetermined position of the stars, and the love of wearing a nostalgic flavor road movie. They rushed to the car to the outskirts of Paris, reveling in his novel fast - as in the best films, rhyming love and blood in the same line. And soon, Aurora realized that the man she loved with all my heart, prefers periodic sex with boys. Moreover - Chris could not resist, so as not to strangle partner climax. This situation is at first upset her, but then she was used to, and began to help her lover. French film directors Paskalya Arnolda and Jean-Marc Bara is a Changeling classical intonations tape Artura Penna "Bonnie and Clyde." It's not even that, "American Translation" are serial killers - most here can remember far more important statement on this subject - "Wasteland" Terensa Malika and "Natural Born Killers" Olivera Stouna. And not in the similarity of the director's handwriting. Chris leads to Aurora that same American Dream, which once upon a time made provincial waitress Bonnie drop everything and go for a small gangster Clyde rob banks. Love for the United States becomes the background for the perverse inclinations Chris believes that he is a tough guy who can not restrain themselves in sex and aggression. Aurora also gradually becomes a passive observer of violence to justify that - in contrast to the criminal activities of Bonnie and Clyde - it is practically impossible. The fact that the killers are capable of love and suffering does not make them "noble bandit". So difficult to empathize with the characters. The most natural reaction to their acts comparable to a lengthy observation of the animals on the channel Animal Planet: bite, poisterili, have sex, kill, bite again. To live like this does not have to be obsessed with America, which has a mass culture in his luggage far more interesting examples to follow.

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