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american Hustle

American Hustle download movie.

Movie Length: 2:18

Genre: Drama comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.3

Director: David O. Russell

Actors: Kristian Beyl, Amy Adams, Bredli Kuper, Dzhennifer Lourens, Dzheremi Renner, Louis CK, Alessandro Nivola, Dzhek Hyuston, Robert De Niro, Maykl Penya, Shi Uighem

Budget: $ 40 million

Year: February 13, 2014

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American Hustle download movie. Criminal comedy. History brilliant swindler Irving Rosenfeld and his accomplice - the gentle Sidney Prosser British women, who are forced to work with an FBI agent Richie Dimas and help him in catching dangerous mobsters and politicians of New Jersey. The plot of the film "American scam" is a real special operation carried out in the late 70's - early 80's the FBI under the code name Abscam.

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Our Review:

Crime is not a comedy, not a drama with a fantastic cast and no less fantastic ambition. Elderly and nimble speculator average hand with a characteristic name Rosenfeld (Kristian Beyl thick wig) met at a boring party with Sydney (maloprikrytaya Amy Adams), who not only likes of Duke Ellington, but also is an experienced fraud. Together, they are good not only in bed, but in the scam - things are going uphill, when neurotic fbrovets Richie Dimas (Bradley Cooper himzavivkoy) grabs them in the act. The only option is not the network behind bars - to cooperate with law enforcement. The author of one of the best romantic comedies of last year ( "My guy - crazy") at this time decided to play in the area very close to skorsezevskoy (for credibility even here there is a small but effective yield of Robert De Niro). Get a few to figure out whether: brilliant cast (and to have the above-mentioned actors has added Dzheremi Renner and Dzhennifer Lourens has directed mascot) have fun and fool around, so what about the story itself somehow overlooked. Of course, the closer to the end remember that it's not just a comedy, but also quite a crime drama, but the movie is already moving inexorably to the captions. In many ways, this helps forgetfulness brilliant (this time literally) styling: the era of disco, and the film takes place in the second half of the 70s, sparkles and sings in virtually every interior, every dress and every hairstyle. And without that grotesque and podlakirovannye neurotic characters are transformed under the weight of the make-up and wardrobe almost in komiksovoy characters in their brightness. The final chord in "American Hustle" is, of course, music - Donna Summer immediately adjacent to Tom Jones and Bee Gees - with Electric Light Orchestra. Soundtrack perfectly demonstrates the eclecticism, which exudes a film by David O. Russell. It was she who distinguishes "American Hustle" from the nearest competitor in the face of "The Wolf of Wall Street." But if the picture Scorsese strives for artistic rigor and restraint, the film invites the viewer to Russell simply cuts - and this is definitely the omission of the director, despite his excellent taste.

User's Review:

"American Hustle" - large-scale project, in which the script is not the most important role. This criminal dramedi all the attention paid to the characters. And that is the best in recent years, the cast gets the audience's attention. David O. Russell is best known for his involvement in the operation of large stars and the ability to work with them. For many still it remains a mystery what exactly in films Russell famous actors give the best roles in their careers. "Scam" is not only not an exception to the rule, but only confirmed the previous examples. Incredible Kristian Beyl, Amy Adams, Bredli Kuper, Dzheremi Renner, Dzhennifer Lourens playing the point admirably, that the multifaceted nature of the characters simply do not notice the events of the film. And indeed, it is difficult to explain exactly how the disclosure is so profound character: despite the fact that the actions and conversations in the film abound, they carry a minimum load of meaning. All only survive, trying to survive and escape from complicated situations, while retaining the human qualities (not in vain the name of the picture more accurately translated as "American vanity"). Yes, and intrigue as such are not created, because such a situation we have seen a thousand times. Even the fact that the film is based on real events, not making it exclusive. The tape is notable for the presence of outstanding characters and therefore the best actor of the year images. Viewers see the plump and balding, Kristiana Beyla, which is really the first minute it is impossible to know. Bale hero, perhaps, is the most ambiguous character in comparison with others. Since childhood accustomed to scams and fraud, but naively hoping for the embodiment of a great dream Irving simultaneously kind and charming "his own man", but also ready to protect themselves and their interests player. The most interesting thing that interests are constantly changing: the care of a young wife and her child, the love of a random girl or suddenly strike up a friendship with the congressman, who must surrender and betray. I want all at once, and in the circumstances, to choose the most expensive to fight for it or run. Armed and Amy Adams as a swindler-aristocrat Sidney. Sidney in the film itself embodies the desire for something more, to the success of the American dream. She desperately wants only the present and genuine, despite the fact that lives in a world of its own illusions. He wants to real life, though living under a false name. Tired of scandals beloved wife, trying to spite her lover fall in love with an FBI agent, but it only requires a sincere and chaste love. Hides cheap behavior in the past under the road, but no less revealing outfits. She lives in her own world, but afraid of myself to admit it. Only at the stage in a nightclub, we see only a manifestation of despair and hopelessness. Despite the excellent work of the actors Bale and Adams, oddly enough, more attention to himself is chained actor. Richie FBI agent played by Bredli Kupera, ready to do anything to get the recognition, respect and independence. Despite the status of "positive" a federal agent, Richie can be called anti-hero of the film. The man, who ruined the excessive ambition, a quick temper and expressiveness. Certainly deserved a nomination for "Oscar" award for Cooper. Mayor Polito played by Dzheremi Rennera is the most contradictory character. Maybe a corrupt politician bribe-taker, but it is impossible not to feel the sympathy from the first frame. A caring family man, a generous friend and attentive representative of the people, politics can be reproached only with excessive naivety, gullibility and, again, trying to jump over his head. But the most striking accent tape is the role of Dzhennifer Lourens. How many would not have condemned the actress for being too frank, open and undeserved popularity, watch her latest works in Russell without admiration impossible. And if last year in the film "Collection of a ray of hope" in the role of a mad and eccentric widow Jan moments replayed, then the role of Rosalind in "scam" is very difficult to find fault. Young and naive fool, Lawrence heroine radiates incredible energy. In this special organically combined sanity and restraint, bordering on hysterical state and hopelessness. She madly wants changes in life and exactly as much afraid of them. She takes care of her son, but can hardly take care of themselves. Self-critical, but self-confident Rosalyn in each frame always attracts attention. In addition to the wonderful cast to obvious advantages paintings can be attributed constant presence of the director's style. After the "Fighter", "Collection of a ray of hope" and "scams" we can safely say that in the coming years, Russell enters the list of the best directors. And few modern directors can boast such daring in mixing genres and styles and so subtle influence on the actor's work. Russell is definitely still contribute to the development of world cinema. We should also mention the incredible work of costume designers and make-up artists. They not only helped to recreate the atmosphere of the '70s, but also emphasized the nature and characteristics of each character. And the remarkable soundtrack only add pictures of originality. "American vanity" - the movie is not so much about the scams and crime, as the preservation of the self in difficult situations. Not the best film O. Russell, is not the best film of the year, but definitely worth viewing.

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