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Movie Length: 2:40

Genre: Biography Drama History Musical

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 8.3

Director: Milos Forman

Actors: F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulse, Elizabeth Berridge, Saymon Kellou, Roy Dotris, Kristin Ebersoul, Dzheffri Dzhons, Charlz Key, Kenni Beyker, Lizabeth Bartlett

Budget: $ 18 million

Year: September 6, 1984 (World)

download Amadeus

Download movie Amadeus for free. "Amadeus" - the tragic story of Antonio Salieri, capable, but not brilliant composer who appears to us in the beginning, as a gentle, kind and very religious person, but in the end converge into a fierce battle with God. A key theme of the film - is why the Creator gives people the desire to achieve something, but does not provide equivalent capabilities. The film begins in a madhouse, where already the old Salieri came after a suicide attempt. The young priest comes to practice it, and Salieri tells him the story of his life and the events of the film take us to Vienna thirty years earlier ...

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Our Review:

"Amadeus" by Milos Forman, who became triumphant in the awarding "Oscars" ceremony in 1985, tells the famous story of how the envious Salieri poisoned Mozart young genius. When the court of the Emperor Joseph II successfully works composer Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham), a diligent craftsman, not enough stars in the sky. Suddenly, the court appears ill-mannered prankster with a shrill laugh - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hals). Infantile and too zhovialny Mozart reminds us saying Faina Ranevskaya: "Talent, like a pimple, do not ask for whom the jump." Salieri's professional immediately realize who he was dealing, he sees that it is endowed with a special Mozart musical gift. Overcome with jealousy, Salieri plans to reduce new-found genius in the grave. But envy Salieri is clear: he works very hard, and the Lord God gives a precious gift, a spark of genius, some kind of clown, stupidly fast life and do not realize the greatness of their own talent. "Amadeus" by Milos Forman, in general, follows the legend, launched in mass Aleksandrom Sergeevichem Pushkinym. In fact, this story is - pure fiction. At the time, Salieri was much more popular than Mozart, and "envious" disciples went Beethoven and Liszt. Salieri poisoned Mozart wine in has not been proved, although in extreme old age, suffering from mental insanity, he still blamed himself for this crime. But the dignity of "Amadeus" is not in the promotion of the well-known gossip. Scenario based on the famous play by English playwright Peter Shaffer not only tells a walking legend of the genius and villainy, but also raises the typical Forman (born in Czechoslovakia, but emigrated to the United States) the topic of breaking through to freedom, opposition to free the talent of Mozart and bound framework convention artisan Salieri. "Amadeus" was a triumph for Milos Forman: nominated for 11 "Oscars", the film won 8 cherished statuettes, including Best Film. The American Film Academy found Foreman's best director, adding the "Oscar" for his personal "Golden Globe".

User's Review:

Very long time looking for an incentive to start listening to classical music. Music, with which it all began, the music is associated with fond memories, the music is not for money, but for the soul, for aesthetic pleasure and an internal catharsis. One of the great personalities in the music was an Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His genius was seen in early childhood. At four he wrote his first concert, the first symphony in seven years, the first great opera at twelve. He lived a few years, but he left behind a great legacy. The mystery of his death is still covered by legends, is the central theory that he was killed by Antonio Salieri, with whom he was in a very warm relationship. But as it turned out, the great classics of the XIX century wrote his "little" about the tragedy of Mozart and Salieri completely distorted the real picture, leaving the descendants of an enemy and envious. For a long time it was thought to be like, and generation are moving more and more people believe in the reality of this historical mistake and comes Milos Forman, wants to shoot a real movie about historical figures and the true story of their relationship. Cinema reveals to us all the facets of these two personalities. Mozart opposed Salieri if Salieri - a serious and balanced person in the service of the emperor, who endures hardship and grief, the Mozart - a bit disorganized, highly susceptible to the opposite sex and frivolous, but that does not negate the fact that he has the talent and sense of music. I say this as an esthete, not as an expert. The narrative is on behalf of Antonio Salieri, who throughout the film asked only one question - "Why is talent went to a man who every time laughing, when says something stupid, why this upstart has such a gift, but certainly it does not fit?" this then is the paradox that opposites attract. I thought at first that it is a film based on a true story, but the film is based on the play and the very fact that Mozart was popular Salieri was spotless fiction, calling for people to show how jealous talent, wanting to enjoy them from early childhood. The strange thing is that Salieri accused himself, being already in a state of mental insanity, because the envy can be a maddening. The strength of this film lies in the qualitative direction, in the supply of material and excellent musical accompaniment. Remembering classical motifs such as the operas "Don Giovanni" and "Le Nozze di Figaro" we are immersed in ever new symphony discovering classical music with qualitatively new way. Heroes do not have to hang up any labels and evaluate the heroes actions somehow uniquely, you just enjoy the music, become lovers evaluate the art of music, still we do not know, it was really and is it really the right to Wikipedia, saying that they were friends, just now too much information and just do not know who to believe. Let's just enjoy the action and listen to the classics. The actors played great. Tom Hals I liked as Mozart, but the hero did so not an actor, and playwright, whose image is an actor and had to play. Game of the actor at a decent level, also hooked Murray Abraham, Elizabeth Berridge and Dzheffri Dzhons, these are the main characters in the fate of the two main characters. Best director of the film on the right is "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", which I appreciated at its true worth, and many appreciate it. This film is in second place in the list of the best works and is considered as such. I can not describe it at the level of the movie, because it I liked it at the level of feelings and emotions, this movie made me a storm, and I was just amazed by this force can not guarantee that right now throw myself listening to geniuses, but in the near future promise is do. As a result, we get a great film about the genius and evil, envy and anger, full of music and feelings that help us to understand a bit more than what we know. In the words of one of the spectators, "Foreman did not do a biopic, Foreman made a great movie" and I totally agree with him, because it is - a sample of a good movie. I advise you to look

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