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About Time

About Time download movie.

Movie Length: 2:03

Genre: Drama Comedy Fiction

Country: United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 7.8

Director: Richard Curtis

Actors: Donal Glison, Reychel Makadams, Bill Nayi, Tom Hollander, Margot Robbie, Lydia Wilson, Lindsay Duncan, Richard Cordery, Dzhosh Makguayr, Will Merrick, Vanessa Kirby

Budget: $ 95 million

Year: October 10, 2013

Download About Time

Free download About Time movie. Romantic comedy. Tim was lucky - he is young, handsome, promising lawyer, and yet he is able to move in time. And to charm the girl of his dreams, he is ready to repeat the first date again and again. Truly, love at first sight does not always work out the first time. "About Time" - the third film writer and producer Richarda Kertisa as director.

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Our Review:

Invented and filmed by Richard Curtis. It's not enough to love the picture once and for all, but enough to be happy to see and recommend to friends. Director and screenwriter of "real love" (and screenwriter "Notting Hill", too) took another picture of love in its many manifestations. For a fantastic story about a young man who can travel on their own biography, as desired by changing the event it hides touching parable about the value of human life and the fragility of relationships. On the 22 th year of life, Tim (Donal Glison) learns from his father (Bill Nayi), the men in their family are able to move in time. They travel only on past events, and only in their own lives; In addition, there is another important thing, which then changes the already amazing life Tim forever. Tim uses his gift, trying to get a girl, with whom he fell in love at the first meeting. Mary (Reychel Makadams), even does not know how many times Tim had to rehearse their first sex or wedding. But when life is getting better, and finally a pair of Tim feels no more need somewhere to move and change something, the fun begins. The film, of course, can be accused of a certain tightness: numerous returns to the past in a spirit of "Groundhog Day," just a very nice and funny, but the everyday story of a happy young family someone may slightly and tire. In addition, it is probably one of the most child-centered dramas over the past few years, not counting the "Life as We Know It" with Ketrin Haygl. For the sake of the child to risk his life sisters - that's understandable. Never see the beloved father or give birth to a first child - is also relatively clear, the choice will be in favor of the baby. But all refused to meet with the parent for the sake of theoretical attempts to start is the third child - it's a bit too much. Not to mention the sudden and treacherous strangeness of time travel, in which absolutely do not want to delve into a person, tune in to a calm and romantic mood. But to judge the "About Time" from the position of bores and childfree also not worth it. The point, ultimately, is not the number of children and long jumps. The thing is tearing the heart of tenderness that fills beloved and loving responsively, the matter of brevity and fragility of a single human life, which can not be extended, not only medicines but also travel to the past. The fact that Curtis took a story about a couple, which is pleasant to look at and are not ashamed to worry about both the family: to part? again not recognize each other? something with the kids? The atmosphere is saturated with love as the summer rain, I want to embrace marmot, the film - cry. Just do not confuse - in fact the correct personal impossible.

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