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A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember download movie.

Movie Length: 1:41

Genre: Drama romance

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.4

Director: Adam Shankman

Actors: Mendi Mur, Sheyn Uest, Piter Koyot, Deril Hanna, Loren Dzherman, Klein, Crawford, Al Thompson, Paz de la Huerta, Dzhonatan Parks Jordan, Matt Lutz

Budget: $ 11.8 million

Year: August 15, 2002

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A Walk to Remember download movie. Landon Carter - advanced guy who thinks he is the king of the school. Dzhemmi Salivan - a modest, quiet, nothing stands out girl, the daughter of a local priest. Their fates were not supposed to cross, but it still happened when Landon was sent after the next offense on the "educational" work, where he met his unexpected love. Both he and she refused to believe that it happened, but it seems that their love will be stronger than in that both used to believe in life.

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User's Review:

As soon fall in love with the handsome "gray mouse", it certainly would have died… Adam Shenkman took on a novel by Nicholas Sparks hundred percent sentimental melodrama for those wishing to shed a few tears before the screen. People with other cinematic tastes of the tape strongly appreciate… So, in the middle of the first guy in the village, I mean, at school - handsome, idol of all senior pupils and, of course, a chronic violator of discipline, Landon Carter (Sheyn Uest). When he throws another caper, the local teachers' council decides to resort to the ennobling power of art and forcibly sends Carter to play in the school play. And so it has stronger feel that you need to behave well, it is found that cheer dude can not do without the help of Dzheymi Sallivan (Mendi Mur), who not only is that the gray mouse, so also the daughter of a priest (Piter Koyot). Nobody likes school girls from conservative people openly shy away, making fun of her. But Carter has nowhere to go. Ask for help - no easy matter, and here there is a condition that makes further part of the film is absolutely predictable. Help, says Karteru Dzheymi, but see not fall in love with me. Punished solemnly swear not to do so. And, of course, violate the oath. But he should confess his love, it turns out that she is terminally ill, and she has not long to live. So it falls to the heroes only one happy summer, after which the heroine dies, and the ill-fated hero remains (mostly behind the scenes and in the imagination of the viewer) long and hard to learn to live again after such a loss. This original plot twist can not be called, and the picture is more resolved than the standard: the ugly with the beautiful soul, re-using the true feeling of a bully and one of the two options for the final clichéd - sad. For fans shed tears. For those who prefer a happy ending for similar templates tailored lot of other bands.

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