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The Reef 2: High Tide

Free download The Reef 2: High Tide movie.

Movie Length: 1:20

Genre: Musical cartoons family

Country: US, South Korea

IMDB rating: 3.9


Actors: Dreyk Bell, Endi Dik, Fran Drescher, Frenki Dzhonas, Dzheymi Kennedi, Donal Logue, Bizi Filipps, Rob Schneider, Stephen Stanton, Mettyu Uillig


Year: April 25, 2013

Download The Reef 2: High Tide

Free download The Reef 2: High Tide movie. Cartoon of the marine life on the coral reef. Fish Pie - the only one in the Rif, who are sure, sooner or later the sharks that live in the neighborhood, attacking and you need to be prepared to stand up for themselves. Pai trying to organize classes on self-defense, but they have no one comes, and he has to learn martial arts one, under the guidance of a wise turtle Nerissa. Once in the city there is a cheerful Ronnie, who draws locals in preparation for regattas, but no one realizes that Ronnie sent shark: his task is to arouse the vigilance of residents and seize Reef.

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Our Review:

Small and simple-minded inhabitants of the coral reef resist evil insidious gang of sharks. Shark Troy, the victim of bad parenting and genetic experiments, underwater escapes from the lab and want to age in any comfortable place. Coral reef, home to Pai, his family and a bunch of other little fishies nimble, well suited Troy. But until the tide, shark and her gang can not enter the territory of the reef. At Pai has four days to make his fellow fighting fish and sharks to organize a fitting welcome. Why did the creators of animated films about the underwater world in general comes to mind is to develop the theme of fathers and children? Are flocks of colorful fish, scurrying between the lush marine life, cause such associations? Dad and son sort things out in "Finding Nemo", ten years ago, nothing has changed. Grown obviously neokuchennoe next generation, and we can start all over again: lively son, relatively democratic father, some misunderstandings, some errors, a happy ending. The "Reef", however, family relations relegated to second place, and the main theme - the salvation of his home and the revival of the joint efforts of the belief that each fish is talented in his own way. Shrimp and jellyfish, such as dancing and angler fish (incidentally, predator as shark, but is encrypted), brilliantly inflating nozzle. At the bottom of the sea to dream can be a long and fruitful, as the color palette and diversity will give a kick to the lazy imagination. In fact the result is the same: family rally, the small win huge, ocean our home, let's live together. All this is so obvious that it can only inspire the youngest and inexperienced viewers that the brighter and more colorful, the more fun and better. And that splashing and rustling. But those in the cinema is not reduced - they still do not know how to walk.

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