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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Download Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:50

Genre: Biography Western Crime Adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 8.1

Director: Dzhordzh Roy Hill

Actors: Pol Nyuman, Robert Redford, Ketrin Ross, Strother Martin, Genri Dzhons, Dzheff Kori, Dzhordzh Fert, Kloris Lichmen, Ted Kessidi, Kenneth Mars

Budget: $ 6,000,000

Year: September 23, 1969 (World)

Download Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Free download Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid movie. Wild West, Buch Kessidi and the Sundance Kid - friends and companions, they rob banks. At some point it becomes dangerous, then the hijackers decide to do freight trains. A couple of them are great, but once attacked a train in which they were already waiting rangers employed by the railroad owners. Butch and Sundance are trying to get away from the chase, and it is a miracle is possible. After this incident, the friends decide to leave the country and for a time to hide in Bolivia. But does this mean that they are safe?

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User's Review:

hundreds of cowboy westerns, think of my favorite genre you can make a dramatic movie if I could, man, have revised? Yes, such that make shudder to think about life, and even sympathize with negative characters? Seemed to be: that shoot here? Fighting in saloon singing ladies lung behavior, Science, horse races, Sheriff, and thugs duel at dawn, with a mandatory attribute, as a piece of hay, rolling between duelists due to breeze. It would seem, en, no. Not so simple. Two other companion comrade ply that rob banks and passing trains. Changing town after town, they gain unprecedented popularity. Their head is assigned a high award. Someone admires them and decides to join, someone on the contrary - and afraid, because trying to get out of their way. Well, as someone who likes (not without it). And how can they help but admire and love, when we have two beautiful, intelligent and charismatic hero - Buch Kessidi (Pol Nyuman) and the Sundance Kid (Robert Redford)! Call them villains with a capital letter, I even language does not turn. Bred, cultural, characteristic without violence and targeted killings. Butch - brain operations, the person cheerful and resourceful. It seems to be a gun in his hand can not keep fighting and dislikes, and, at the same time, go and try, to offend him. At the moment, I think of something. Brain - he has a brain. Sundance - a dedicated performer of all pans Bucha. A guy like he is still necessary to look. And shoots. I am in many westerns such a beautiful fire seen. In a word - master. All this is nice, but most of all I was struck by their friendship and common sense. When, in the course of the film, they have seen that the situation is deadlocked, then decided to give up his profession and live like everyone else. We consulted with the sheriffs, friends, and, in general, looking for the exit. On the part of repentance and it was seen… could not but cause admiration… But when they are carried away, robbed twice the same train, I realized punished. Cross the road of big capitalists, who did not spare funds for the best detectives and trackers in order to destroy the famous duo. Removing all the members of their gang, Snoop began to hunt for the ringleaders. Deciding that they are nothing more shine, Butch offers to move to Bolivia, where, in his opinion, Lady Luck is on their side. Continuing in the new place his life in the same profession as that in the United States, the Cowboys realize that this can not go on and try to tie. The new work as security guards, does not bring success, and they see that this is the end. But! Species is not fed! And even when they are surrounded by a whole army, they were joking! They shoot, they get seriously injured, but still a joke! "You are not seen among the soldiers, our detectives?" Asked Butch. "Lefort, for example?". "Lefort?" Wondered Sundance. "No". "Thank God. For a moment I thought we were in trouble. " I think that it was not necessary to speak further. What is there to add. The most successful in the history of Western Hollywood film based on real events (such people existed in reality). 4 "Oscar": for Best Original Screenplay (Uilyam Goldmen), Best Cinematography (Konrad Holl), Best Music (Bort Bakarak and best song ( «Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head », music of Bort Bakarak, Hal David word). Plus three nominations: best film, best director (Dzhordzh Roy Hill) and Best Sound. Well, hundreds of other awards. But most importantly, I would like to note - this is the drama, which may have put this movie in the "100 best films of all time." And I was pleased that in the face of many cowboy stories that I have seen, was able to allocate one serious, tragic and dramatic, which is not only amused his sparkling humor, but also forced to think about the life of the pressing.

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