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Adventures of fox and hare, which are combined to investigate a complicated case

Zootopia download movie.

Movie Length: 1:48

Genre: Cartoons Comedy Family Adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 8.1


Actors: Dzhinnifer Gudvin, Dzheyson Beytman, Idris Elba, Dzhenni Sleyt, Neyt Torrens, Bonnie Hunt, Don Leyk, Tommy Chong, JK Simmons, Octavia Spencer, Alan Tudyk, Shakira

Budget: $ 150 million

Year: March 3, 2016

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Download Zootopia full movie for free. Welcome to zootopia - modern city, inhabited by a variety of animals, from huge elephants to tiny mice. Zootopia divided into districts, repeats the natural habitat of different residents - there is also an elite district area of ​​the Sahara, and surly Tundrataun. In this city there is a new police officer, cheerful zaychiha Dzhudi Hopps, who from the first days of work to understand how difficult being a small and fluffy among the great and powerful police. Judy grabs the first opportunity to prove himself, despite the fact that her partner will be chatty sly fox Nik Uayld. Together they will uncover a complex matter, which will depend on the fate of all the inhabitants zootopia.

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Our Review:

Another top-notch cartoon from Walt Disney Animation Studios, which, unfortunately, a great shape does not correspond to openly communicating content in the world "zootopia" has it all: the mighty jungle, grassy meadows, icy plains and hot deserts - but the main pearl itself is the same city . It is there that wants to get a little zaychiha Dzhudi Hopps - and not just move to a metropolis and become the best cop in the city. And one day - not without patience and hard work - her dream come true, she becomes the first hare-cop in zootopia. However, there is something about the broken dream and reality - instead of catching dangerous criminals she has to write out fines. But fate obviously favors Judy, and she finds herself drawn into the search for the missing Mr. Vydringtona, and help her in this difficult, as it turns out, actually accounted cunning fox Nick Wilde - and neither he nor she did not realize that it is, of course, the beginning of a beautiful friendship. New cartoon of the people responsible for "City of Heroes", "Cold Heart" and the magnificent "Ralph" will certainly be a hit. To do this, "zootopia" has everything you need: first class, is not inferior to Pixar's, animation, great attention to detail the world, charismatic - even when it comes to the second plan - the characters and universal story about duty and friendship. Actually, it was clear even by the trailers before us is one of the best (perhaps even better) this year, cartoon, very high quality and with a sense of humor, localized for our viewers. And to go into detail here, in general, it is absolutely no reason - because they are a million and they all have their own value to the viewer, but at a rather flat story you wrote a dozen people have to complain about. Of course, Walt Disney Animation Studios Pixar compete with in terms of the narrative was quite difficult lately. Where the latter tried to find a common human history, the first parasitized on Printsesska and anthropomorphic small animals, giving them varying degrees of stupidity quests. With the release in theaters "Ralph" everything has changed: the main Disney showed it can create original worlds and fill them with a true anime - a life that does not work Sample Scenes. But the "City of Heroes" with a plot that something happened: it marked time and dived into the patterns without a gap - about’ OK, who does not happen. However, it was much worse: Walt Disney Animation Studios, as shown by "zootopia" simply does not know how to build an original story - whether it's conservative worship of the aspirations of the public or the indispensable requirement studio functionaries, but the story in a new cartoon looks like a compilation of the template. This would be forgivable to a cartoon from independent studios, but for the people who spend so much time and resources to create a first-class animated world (and successfully cope with this task!) - did not. It is because of this contrast (and the colorful world of second-rate story) "zootopia" appears some giant snow shining and formidable from a distance, but only touch it - and it will fall apart, so that only his vague image will remain in the memory. The argument that the cartoon should be clear and simple, as is intended primarily for children, too, has the right to life. But look at their fellow competitors from Pixar and remember their ingenious "puzzle" before denying adults the right to the pleasure of cartoons.

User's Review:

First of all, in the "zootopia" Disney introduced not so much a complete history of how-developed universe of anthropomorphic animals, which may include a significant portion of the former work studio. Unfortunately, in 1h. 45min. We got into very small fragments of this world, but it is clear that all originally designed for a large number of sequels (not just over zootopia worked Rich Moore, the director of "The Simpsons" and "Futurama"). The main detective canvas predictable and even trite, but it is rather a tool for characters disclosure and exposure of discrimination. According to the various estimates it can be concluded that the perception of animated affects 2 factors: whether the problem of discrimination is really significant for the viewer (whether it is to empathize with the main characters of) and whether it allows the brain talking animals as something quite normal. Mult 8.5 out of 10, but I do not agree with such high marks every slag that can not help but put the 10-ku.

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