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yoga Hosers

Download movie Yoga Hosers for free.

Movie Length: 1:28

Genre: Comedy Thriller Fantasy Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 4.4

Director: Kevin Smith

Actors: Harli Kuinn Smith, Lily-Rouz Melodi Depp, Natasha Lyonne, Dzhonni Depp, Austin Robert Butler, Haley Joel Osment, Tayler Pozi, Kevin Smith, Dzhenezis Rodrigez, Dzhastin Long, Adam Brody, Stan Lee, Dzheyson Myuz, Vanessa Paradis, Dzhennifer Shvalbah Smith

Budget: $ 5 million

Year: July 28, 2016

Download Yoga Hosers

Download movie Yoga Hosers for free. Colin and Colette Kolin Makkenzi from Manitoba obsessed with yoga. At the same time they are forced to work after school in a small shop, and the job they hate. However, for a long time to get bored schoolgirls do not have "universal evil" that emerged in the truest sense of the word "out of the ground," threatens to derail their welcome party for high school students. Then the girls combined with the bounty hunter - Ki La Pointe to fight the evil demons with the help of "the seven chakras and a posture of a warrior."

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User's Review:

More "idiotic" film ever seen, then, that there has played himself Dzhoni Depp is only from the fact that there appeared his daughter from his marriage to Vanessa Paradis. Apparently my daughter wanted to play in a movie, and her dad in this assist. That's just the writers apparently not picked up Dad and daughter herself. And voila, the plot of the film from the junkies with clouded minds ready!

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