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Vive la France

Download movie Vive la France for free.

Movie Length: 1:34

Genre: Comedy

Country: France

IMDB rating: 5.8

Director: Mikael Yun

Actors: Hose Garsiya, Mikael Yun, Isabelle Funaro, Erie Abittan, Jerome Kommandor, Vensan Moskato, Jean Fransua Keyri, Frank Gastambid, Moussa Maaskri Hamid Najah


Year: November 28, 2013

Download Vive la France

Download movie Vive la France for free. Satirical comedy. In the fictional Arab country Tabulistan live two friends. They really want to see their wonderful country recognized all over the world. The best way to celebrate their country they choose spectacular, but very illegal representation. With the support of President Tabulistana, the characters are sent to your goal - to Paris, to blow up the Eiffel Tower. "Vive la France!" - the second film as a director of popular actor Michael Yoon.

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Our Review:

A satirical comedy about the national separatism, the clash of cultures and suicide losers. In desperation, the fact that his country no one in the world knows, the son of the president of a fictional Tabulistana equips "advertising" terrorist mission - sends two shepherds and Muzaffar Faruza Paris blow in the name of his native country Eiffel Tower. Tabultsy suicide so naive and harmless, that the danger is only for themselves and on the way to the capital and then fall into the most ridiculous scrapes: the land in the company of Corsican nationalists, it will be in the clutches from abusing their powers of police, the general will be under knife killer doctors. But here, exhausted taxi drivers thieving, is mad football fans and crooks, bureaucrats, they meet the beautiful Marianne, which is taken to help them and gives them a very different France, immediately captured the hearts of uncouth tabultsev. "Vive la France", of course, is very similar to "Borat," Sacha Baron Cohen - the same exaggerated mustache native of an unknown country in Central Asia, the same satire on the theme of national differences and clash of cultures (the most unbearable for shepherds - this time indignation resist and do not hit a woman!). Interestingly, the film, however, is based on real events. When Mikael Yun et al wrote a screenplay about a sister Fatal Bazooka, the protagonist of his first film "Fatale", they came to the Italian newspaper article about two members of Al-Qaeda, on their way to Milan to commit a terrorist act. For technical reasons, the plane landed in Naples, where none of the would-be terrorists have not lived a week: one killed the Neapolitan mafia, and the second stabbed in a vacant lot a gang of juvenile delinquents. In the movie, fortunately, things are moving not so dramatic. Mikael Yuen, surprisingly, found something to say on the already seemingly hackneyed theme of the gap between the European and Asian nations conditional - and it turned out he's really funny. Donated and France: in whatever region or tabultsy got there he is proud to report that "it is not France!" - here her ridicule, but of course, at the same time and recognized her passion.

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