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Download Tremors full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:36

Genre: Comedy Horror Fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.1

Director: Ron Andervud

Actors: Kevin Beykon, Fred Ward, Finn Carter, Maykl Gross, Riba Makintayr, Robert Dzheyn, Charlotte Stewart, Toni Dzhenaro, Ariana Richards, Richard Marcus

Budget: $ 11 million

Year: September 25, 2001

download Tremors

Free download Tremors movie. Handymen Val and Earl are working in a small settlement on the site of a former mining town. They go to the nearest town and find the road corpse of a man who died of dehydration on the power pole. Not far from the scene, on the farm, children discover the remains of old sheep-farmer, which dealt invisible forces. In search of the killer Val and Earl returned to his native town. On the road, they again something "catchy": their huge truck trailer ripped body like a snake. These same snake, being nothing more than a subterranean worms begin to terrorize the neighborhood. "Tremors" is recommended viewing for children 13 years old and together with the parents.

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User's Review:

By the movie "Tremors", you can choose synonymous expression - a pleasant trembling at the knees. In a remote steppe showed up unknown to science giant worms the size of a six year old child. Residents of a small village, which is cut off from the great civilization for miles, forced to come to grips with these huge, intelligent beings, they rush to everything that can "shake" the land - from caterpillar tractors to the furry paws of a cat. The film has done his job and became a big hit, it got three sequels, received the status of a cult film. The film is indeed very attractive, balanced, pleasant to view. Bloody scenes are not nearly there, it can be attributed more to the adventure genre in the spirit of "Indiana Jones". Man struggling with the forces of nature, already sounds very tempting, but it is not what we thought at first, it's not tigers, lions and hurricanes. There appears new, something mysterious. Here reigns fiction. But the film is in no hurry to immediately show all their "trump card", and the expectation of the film only adds bonuses. Another plus is the memorable characters. All the characters are simple, good people with a sense of humor. Usually in such films hinterland residents are all the same - the cannon fodder on which hangs the factory tag "eat me." But then the writers donated their time to the detailed drawing of the nature of each character. But most likely, more importantly, how to remove the film. Most often, we are shown a top view. All the characters move on the roofs of barns and quickly climb on the water tower. Wide panorama, not only enriches the movie details, but we can say, introduces an element of the game. We need time to reach out to that rock, and the worm is moving much faster! Since you can not take control of the heroes themselves, there is a special feeling and a pleasant concern for the character. Perfectly entertaining, purely fiction film. Now it is quite out of date, and at that time it was believed that "Tremors" returned the classic science fiction 50s - all of these great movies about the disaster mutated to a tarantula the size of skyscrapers, mantises and other "grazing" inhabitants.

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