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Tower Heist

Download Tower Heist full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:44

Genre: Comedy thriller crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Brett Ratner

Actors: Eddi Merfi, Ben Stiller, Keysi Afflek, Alan Alda, Mettyu Broderik, Stephen Henderson, Dzhadd Horsh, Tea Leoni, Maykl Penya, Gabourey Sidibe, Dzhessika Zor

Budget: $ 75 million

Year: November 24, 2011

Download Tower Heist

Download Tower Heist full movie for free. Employees huge skyscraper - maids, messengers, porters - are informed that they have lost all their pension contributions due to the machinations of the trader. And the culprit of their misery under house arrest in the same building where they work. Dzhosh Kovach (Stiller), a building manager, decides to grand theft. Kovacs wants to steal $ 20 million fraudster. He and his friends (Keysi Afflek, Broderick) instigate just been released from prison the offender (Murphy) to arrange for their robbery. The difficulty lies in the fact that the financier guards not just security, and the FBI, and the entire skyscraper packed with the tracking equipment.

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Our Review:

During the decades of highly polished Hollywood cliches about the good of the poor, the rich and the poor simpletons dexterous again proved that it is still too early to landfill. Ben Stiller gets up before dawn, swallows of coffee, puts on a little white shirt and scratching his work - a luxury skyscraper with the modest name "The Tower". The "Tower" has a rooftop pool, a staff of well-trained service staff and darling billionaire penthouse (Alan Alda). And, in general, well - old doorman is going into the pension circumnavigation, pyshnotelye maid (Gabourey Sidibe of "Treasure") is looking for a husband-resident Stiller sulking with billionaire chess in his spare time a skyscraper - complete bourgeois idyll. But then somehow suddenly it turns out that God oduvan on Wall Street and he went bankrupt, and the entire staff of "tower" ruined, and the FBI on his tail. Stiller's character reacts with lightning speed - it's not just the manager, he is overqualified manager with dignity. It collapses in the penthouse, and crushes a golf club vintage Ferrari. As a result, it ignominiously expelled from the "tower" and thereby push down the slippery path of crime. Next - you all know. Viewed "Ocean's Eleven"? In American cinema to go to is not taken alone. Therefore, the Stiller is attached, firstly, a repeat offender from next door (Eddi Merfi), captain rookie with fastfudnym past (Maykl Penya), bum-financier (Mettyu Broderik) and anxious green card, a maid, which almost buried in the ground the talent medvezhatnitsy. And so you will not forget about the "Ocean" - more and Keysi Afflek as a concierge, a relative Stiller and, as it turns out soon, "radish." The entire film - a real deja vu. But deja vu is so dynamic and fun that nudet in the sense that "as much as possible," as something not necessary. The creators whenever distracting kinonytikov the jokes from Eddie Murphy, who, of course, feels like a fish in water as weasely crooks, then any story tension, such as attempts to escape from the police, having pushed the car into the elevator shaft. Intrigued? Not worth it. Plot moves predictable happy ending is inevitable, the fun is guaranteed. Friday's classic movie under the popcorn. What would you do without it after a week of work? Relaxing under Trier?


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