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The School of Rock

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Movie Length: 1:48

Genre: musical comedy

Country: USA, Germany

IMDB rating: 7.1

Director: Richard Linklater

Actors: Dzhek Blek, Mayk Uayt, Dzhoan Kyusak, Adam Pascal, Lucas Papaelias, Kris Stek, Sarah Silverman, Lucas Babin, Jordan-Kler Grin, Veronica Afflerbah

Budget: $ 35 million

Year: February 27, 2004

Download The School of Rock

Free The School of Rock movie torrent. Career scandalous guitarist Dewey Finn ends in complete failure, threatening to plunge the musician in prolonged depression and unpaid debts. Dewey comrades expelled from the ensemble, and he is left alone with sad thoughts in his bachelor apartment littered. Suddenly the hero intercepts a phone call, it is not intended, as a neighbor of Ned room. Instead friend Dewey agrees substitute teacher at the prestigious school, coming to the amazement of the promised wages, and gets a job at the school. Love of music and the attitude of the hero to the children works wonders. Soon Dewey an opportunity to start a stellar career anew.

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User's Review:

When I watched this movie for the first time, I immediately in my head flashed the thought that made him the people who truly and whole-hearted love rock music and I, being himself since childhood a great admirer of this hands-infection (or my teacher called it "music for hooligans"), I feel these things at once. This is, perhaps, the only wholly-comedy in the works adored my American genius independent film Richarda Linkleytera ( "A Scanner Darkly," "Fast Food Nation"), where he, in collaboration with the writer of this movie and actor Mike White ( "The Good Girl," "Dead Man on Campus ") had fun well under Ramones hits, AC \ DC, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and took Positive ode to carelessness and negligence, urging all napyshennyh and prudish people, even for a moment to unmask and release from the demon itself, become a naughty child and tear I have the fullest. Despite the fact that this film indescribably funny, stuffed to overflowing funny dialogues and murderous gegami, it is also a wonderful revealing story about how and where to properly direct its boiling energy of the music (and even such as a rock, and not just classic, as we used to grind) can educate and ennoble man, how many things it can give him and the creative potential that exists in every child, the main thing we have grown it in time to see and discover. Of course, the "School of Rock" in the first place keeps on flowing and irresistible charisma wonderful comedian Dzheka Bleka ( "Shallow Hal," "Tropic Thunder"), under which, incidentally, was written just a script. His film, alas, not always successful, but in particular this tape - perhaps the exception to the rule and the image of a slacker and a failed rock star Dewey Finn, pretends to be one teacher for the replacement of a preparatory school and cobble together yourself there the most talented kids rock -bandu, it fits perfectly and all his antics and crazy antics only work plus this film, and not just because in th 2004, he was in the nominees for the "Golden globe" with such monsters as Bill Murray, Dzhek Nikolson, Johnny Depp and Billy Bob Thor Nton. Oh, and of course great here played their own children, of which particularly impressed with Miranda Cosgrove ( "Wild Stallion"), Joey Gaydos and Robert Tsai, and brightly supported and adorned with their participation this movie Dzhoan Kyusak ( "Working Girl") in the role of a strict but good at heart headmistress Rosalie Mullins. "School of Rock" - is a great and groovy family film, which is particularly appeal to those grown on powerful guitar solos and thwarted time and again his throat, waving "kozoyu" above his head under the «Highway To Hell» or «Smoke On The Water».

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