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The Hangover Part III

Download movie The Hangover Part III for free.

Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.9

Director: Todd Phillips

Actors: Bredli Kuper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong, Hezer Grem, Dzheffri Tembor, Dzhastin Barta, Dzhon Gudman, Melissa Makkarti, Mayk Epps, Aleksandra Barrezi, Dzheymi Chang

Budget: $ 103 million

Year: May 30, 2013

Download The Hangover Part III

Download movie The Hangover Part III for free. Continuing adventures trio of friends: Alan, Stu and Phil. At this time, no wedding, no bachelor party. It would seem, what could go wrong? But when the wolf pack is on the road, all bets are removed. But there are new challenges - a crazy gangster named Marshall, as well as a whole heap of old friends from the first and second films. The film "Bachelor Party: Part III» - the final part of a series of paintings of the wolf pack.

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Our Review:

The third part of the comic franchise about the adventures of four young alcoholic men on the eve of the wedding extends geography and genre changes - now it's crime comedy about a gold mafia. Completely spoiled by their parents forty boy Alan (Galifianakis) buys a giraffe, but inadvertently kills him on the highway, thus provoking a massive accident. Unable to withstand the experience, Alan's father dies of a heart attack, and the family decides that this can not go on - the boy should be placed in a psychiatric hospital, where he was taken to take the rest of the "wolf pack", has long been settled down successful American middle-aged man in the street. But on the way a company makes an attack a gang of drug dealers - it turns out that recently escaped from prison Bangkok Leslie "Mr." Chow (Jeong) stole their cargo of gold, and Alan - the only one who corresponded with him until recently. At this time the "wolf pack" will not cure a hangover, and fight for their lives under the muzzles of guns of bandits. The creators of the third part of the franchise came to a sudden case considerably - despite the name (even the names of the two - and the original, and Russian) and the current already seems to be the tradition in the film no hangover, no stag or prostitutes, and a little bit of Las Vegas. The transformation of the tape in black crime comedy went to her certainly benefit - it looks much more dynamic action received extensive, and humor has become thinner, but still rests on a peculiar charm Galifianakis. The only setback is possible to recognize a scene with roosters - it clearly tightened to like rzhacha and unnecessarily cruel at the same time. The rest of the creators showed surprising for a youth comedy sense of proportion and taste - maybe the film together with their heroes came out of this age? They promise that the third part will be the end of the franchise, but something to believe in it with difficulty - is that it will suffer a financial collapse, but this is unlikely.

User's Review:

The final part of "The Hangover" came to an end. Remembering the original, we can say that it was a major blockbuster comedy in 2009. And for good reason they are so admired; do the detective of the consequences of hen was the original high praise from audiences and critics. The sequel is almost repeated the first part, modifying the details: the city, the missing person and the whole madness made wolf pack in the period of oblivion, but it all looked quite familiar to the people and not "shaval". The final chord in the "Bachelor Party" made a step forward compared with the sequel. He did not pursue the scheme of "Drunk - do not remember anything - it is necessary to reconstruct the events and find Dag" as did the second part. Instead, the creators have gone further and have created a new story, including characters from the previous films. The atmosphere of the original is present in the "Bachelor", which is very pleasing. For that we are so fond of "The Hangover"? For the story? For humor? For exaggerating the possible consequences of excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs? No! The most important discovery for us all become characters Zach Galifianakis and Ken Zhong. Alan and his narrow-minded intellect and naked crazy Asian criminals caused a couple of laughter and abdominal cramps from all the spectators in the hall. Todd Phillips put the two on a major role in the final part, thereby giving them more screen time. Zhong recreate your character from scratch; Chao cause you hiccups and shortness of breath from their actions, while Alan remained as immature adults. Though the actors played their fees to fame, humor here remained at the level of the sequel. Jokes are funny, but the level remained at the bar of a typical goofy comedy, and this factor negates most of the advantages of this film. "Bachelor 3" is the new film to relax in friends campaign. Go for it if you want a good time, but I want to warn you that had high hopes for this film is not worth it. P.S. Be sure to look at the scene after the credits!

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