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The Gods Must Be Crazy II

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Movie Length: 1:38

Genre: Comedy

Country: United States, South Africa

IMDB rating: 6.8

Director: Dzheymi Yuys

Actors: N! AIMS, Lena Farugiya, Hans Strydom, Eyros, Nadis, Erik Bauen, Richard Loring, treasure Tshabalala, Per Van Plets, Laurens Suonepol


Year: July 26, 1989 (World)

Download The Gods Must Be Crazy II

Download The Gods Must Be Crazy II full movie for free. Adventure comedy, which takes place in the South African desert. A pair of Europeans suffer a small plane crash and is now unable to call for backup; Two local men can not sort out who gets captured and children Bushman Hiko accidentally got into the truck poachers. While his father is on the trail of constantly changing the direction of the car, the little Giry and Heath familiar with the eccentricities of the world. "The gods must have gone crazy 2" - the second part of the acclaimed hit Afrikaner Dzhemi Eysa. The film was released in rent only four years later at the end of filming.

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User's Review:

Continued unusual film Yuysa Jamie, our good old friend Bushman Hee again in the whirl of events. (If you have not seen the first part, then I strongly advise to look). Very good movie, sincere. Many jokes (but not below the belt, no vulgarity), comical situations from the beginning to the end of the film. The smile never left his face. African spirit, savanna and its inhabitants are shown a very cool, you plunge into the atmosphere. So, Bushman Hee (by the way, the actor for this role the director has found in this tribe of Bushmen in Namibia) is again faced with the civilized world, with its oddities and wonders. Little Bushman children accidentally fall into the truck to poachers, driven from their prey savanna. Kids, by the way, though small, but clever and charming. Of course, Hee rushes to save her children. In parallel, develop a few more events. Scientists came to the conference, Ann Taylor gets in a plane crash along with a local driver. And somewhere near them guard the prisoner transports. How is the way all the characters intersect and what the consequences, sometimes very absurd, it will, you will learn watching a movie. This is simply a must see! Movie easy, but at the same time, there is much to ponder. All it stated simply, sincerely and not banal. Perhaps it is this, and I caught this film, it is interesting and not banal. So far I have not seen anything like it. The film leaves a very good impression. We ought to be reconsidered.

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