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Taxi 4

Taxi 4 download movie.

Movie Length: 1:31

Genre: Comedy thriller

Country: France

IMDB rating: 5.6

Director: Zherar Kravchik

Actors: Sami Naseri, Frédéric Dieffenthal, Bernard Farcy, Edouard Montoute, Jean-Kristof Buve, Jean-Luc Kuchar, Fransua Damiens, Morad Zegvendi, Driss Spinosa, Emma Sjoberg


Year: March 6, 2007

Download Taxi 4

Free download Taxi 4 movie. The fourth part of the famous franchise. The most dangerous criminals of the world is transported from Belgium to the Congo, and the road lies through Marseille. A few hours of the offender should be held in Marseilles prison. One would think that can happen - an iron cage and a special suit does not leave a chance to escape. But here intervenes woman… Now-a-cop can not do without the help of Daniel and his super cab. Screenwriter "Taxi 4" again addressed Luc Besson, as well as Daniel, as in the first three parts, Sami Nasser.

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Our Review:

Five years after the momentous march across the Alps for criminal Santa Claus taxi driver Daniel Morales (Sami Naseri) again rescues Marseille police. Two grown-up friend, Daniel and Emilien (Frédéric Dieffenthal), a couple become dads sons about a decade, and the police chief, Gilbert (Bernard Farcy) slowly mastering the computer. And now, through Marcel somewhere in Africa trafficked criminal №1 in the world, a kind of "Belgians". Gilbert's team tasked to meet the prisoner and send down the stage two hours keep watch. Given all the outstanding qualities of the French cops, the job may not be feasible. New "Taxi" created the old company Gérard Krawczyk in directors, Luc Besson writer, producer and all. Familiar faces in the frame and behind the scenes; The authors come up with, the actors take the rap. At this time, the police forces have to be compared with this monster in chains and locked in a cage. The action will go elephant dose of sleeping pills, computer "mouse", a complex system of ramps, fly swatter, machine guns, cocaine mountains and, of course, the car. Happening virtuoso on the verge of the absurd, often blaming for it, but then deftly getting out back. Of course, not without a chase. Good guys on the new white "Peugeot", the bad - on the black jeeps disguised - in the van and chips. Sea, sun, Cote d'Azur, the long-legged beauty. Women, by the way, pick up the color of the cars: from "our" - the blonde, the bandits - brunettes. It sounds peppy French rap, everyone is happy. Oddly enough, the fourth series of advertising and the automotive epic turned out quite decent. If ahead of time to tune in to a skeptical way, and then we can all enjoy the show. Easy, fast, smooth. Professionally. It seems to be the same clumsy French cops, as in "The Pink Panther", but the latest "Panther" is not saved even Renault, and the fourth "Taxi" can be watched without nausea and, imagine, laugh. Apparently, the matter Besson.

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