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Tango & Cash

Download Tango & amp; Cash full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:44

Genre: Comedy thriller thriller crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.3


Actors: Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, Teri Hatcher, Dzhek Pelans, Brayon Dzheyms, Dzheyms Hong, Mark Alajmo, Philip Tan, Michael J.. Pollard, Robert Z'Dar

Budget: $ 55 million

Year: December 22, 1989 (World)

download Tango & Cash

Free download Tango & Cash movie. The main characters - Raymond Tango and Gebriel Kesh - other than the police, which are easily and deftly expose drug traffickers. However, they work in different areas, and are very different in nature, but equally talented opponents. Both hunt for a major international criminal - Yves Perret, who did not miss the opportunity to "substitute" two dangerous opponents and to plant them in jail. Now Tango and Cash will serve his sentence in a place where literally every second prisoner has been arrested with their participation. Under such harsh conditions, the cops decided to make peace and try to work together to escape from prison ...

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User's Review:

One of the most popular fighters of my childhood, which was filmed in 1989, as I found out later, our compatriot Andrei Konchalovsky ( "Runaway Train", "Odyssey"), when he was in the 90's actively trying to conquer Hollywood, removing it many worthy, by the way, movies. But Konchalovsky, unfortunately, has not had a chance to finish the job on their own before the end of the conflicts on the set with the producers, and dosnimali "Tango and Cash" is another director Albert Magnoli ( "Purple rain"). Anyway, the film that I love very much and often revised, such as a movie lately somehow it sorely lacking. "Tango and Cash" - is the perfect combination of strong dynamic action movie, adventure movie and hilarious comedy, a genre that grew rapidly in the '80s and' 90s in Hollywood with such bands as "48 hours", "Lethal Weapon" or " midnight ", but it is dead or caught up in their own stamps in the 2000s. This is a very rapid, spectacular and truly fascinating movie, which in addition to beautifully shot action are important and interesting relationship between the two rivals and qualified professionals policemen Ray Tango and Gabe Cash in the brilliant performance of Sylvester Stallone ( "Cobra", "Cliffhanger") and Kurt Russell ( "overboard," "Backdraft"). Stallone and very cool changed his image in this film, playing a little intellectual, dressed in three and glasses, and looking more like a successful businessman than a cop, a kind of meticulous expert in their field, which is very contrasted while with early roles Sly in the films " Rambo "and" Rocky ", where he now and then flashed a naked torso and bulging muscles. And the role of Ray Tango he really had to face. Wonderful actor Kurt Russell brought to this film humor and enthusiasm, and the scene with his disguise in female attire simply unforgettable. A pleasant surprise for the Soviet audience, I remember, there was also the emergence of a small episode Saveliya Kramarova ( "Gentlemen of Fortune," "Big Break"), that there is something about the restructuring of shouting. Adorns this tape and charming Terry Hatcher, who later became famous in "Desperate Housewives" and did something with a face clearly, but here it is still a miracle as well. Chase, shooting, provocative jokes, this movie does not sag even for a second, and still looks happy and keeps your attention very tenacious. Let the "Tango and Cash" is not enough stars from heaven in terms of plot or some more nuances, it is undisputed classics of the genre, to make a qualitative and soul.

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