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Surf's Up

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Movie Length: 1:25

Genre: Cartoons Comedy Family Sport

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.7


Actors: Shaya Labaf, Zoi Deshanel, Dzhon Hider, Dzheff Bridzhes, Dzheyms Vuds, Diedrich Bader, Mario Cantone, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Sal Masikela

Budget: $ 85 million

Year: June 7, 2007

Download Surf's Up

Download movie Surf's Up for free. Cody Maverick family of crested penguins living in the Antarctic. It is subjected to eternal ridicule by their relatives, because they do not burn with the desire to continue their work on the harvesting of fish. Cody's dreams of becoming a surfer as a famous penguin Big Zee. One day luck smiles at him as a sports recruiter Mickey Abromoviche who noticed the talent Cody and invited him to surf on the competition. So Cody to begin the adventure in which he does not only acquire new and loyal friends, but temper your character. In 2008, the cartoon "Surf's Up" was nominated for an Oscar as best animated film.

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Our Review:

A kind of a film crew making a report about the most famous competitions penguin surfers - tournament in memory of the Big Zee, too, in general, a penguin, and also a surfer, who died 10 years ago on the crest of a wave. Participants and organizers tell about surfing and about himself, remembering his childhood or immersed in dreams. The main narrator speaks Cody Maverick, penguin-nedorostok from kolotun where "every normal man should sit on the eggs." As a child, Cody managed to get from the Big Zee medallion and since then ill just surfing, becoming a family disgrace and if I may say so, the black sheep in his Penguin town. At this time, Redzhi Belafonte - by profession a producer and organizer of the competition, but in fact otter - sends an assistant for new talent. When the whale with Mickey Abromovichem, thin-legged bird on errands, arrives in kolotun, Cody Maverick is making every effort to get to the whale and, as a consequence, to the tournament. There he will have fateful meeting with some mysterious quirk, a kind of Patrikom Sueyzi in penguin form. Yes, and somehow wormed his way into the competition's penguins Little Joe - my dear friend and first-class surfer, but the spitting image of a rooster. "Oh, the horror, cartoon about penguins again!" - that is an exemplary thought arose in my head in anticipation of the show. Undoubtedly, these black and white birds - a charming creature, if in reasonable quantities and chorus. But an amazing thing, "Surf's Up" is made so that the penguins are, in general, are obtained and. Triggered by two things: the idea of ​​a "documentary" and the waves, painted waves, breathtaking. The camera shakes at times, the characters interrupt each other or turning to a film crew with a request to bring firewood or something tasty and stuff like that - an illusion of improvisation and the effect of the presence of the viewer, and then, and more catchy. Second, and even more effective aspect - this is in the children's seemingly cartoon captures the spirit of surfing. Honestly, in strength and filled with funny penguins "Surf's Up" is very close to the cult film "Point Break" with Patrikom Sueyzi and Kianu Rivzom. Not even looking at Timothy. In domestic rapper, by the way, at times we slipped here quite human intonation, but without a "Wow!" He, of course, nowhere. If all sorts of "wow" you will not be intimidated, grab the kids and hurry to catch the wave - they will be happy for sure. Yes, and you will probably enjoy, except that after watching have to fork out on vacation and who knows, maybe on his own board. But on that it and the summer.

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