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Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third download movie.

Movie Length: 1:33

Genre: Cartoons Comedy Family Adventure Fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.1


Actors: Mayk Mayers, Cameron Diaz, Eddi Merfi, Antonio Banderas, Dzhuli Endryus, Dzhon Kliz, Rupert Everett, Erik Aydl, Dzhastin Timberleyk

Budget: $ 160 million

Year: May 17, 2007

Download Shrek the Third

Free Shrek the Third movie torrent. The third part of the history of the harsh adventure, but good-hearted green ogre. In the third film, Shrek lives happily with his wife - Princess Fiona, but to live in the castle, he did not used to, but his loyal friends Donkey and Puss in Boots with him and support him. But then the father dies suddenly Fiona - Korol Garold and the new king should be Shrek. However, for the freedom-loving ogre it is too heavy a burden, yes and he really misses his native swamp. Then Shrek decides to go along with Donkey and Puss in Boots in search of a more suitable King for Far, far away country. But in the absence of Shrek, an old enemy of Prince Charming back to fairyland to arrange various dirty tricks. Now Shrek need to try hard to save the country from a possible coup.

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Our Review:

But it was not there. King, becoming in the last part of a toad, he rested in peace, shifting tasks to run the country on the shoulders of a green giant. But ogru hard to say goodbye to Sway last swamp life, and care monarchs do not come to his taste. Ships, launchable, drowning, and subjects are killed during the initiation procedure knights. Dresses are too narrow, and a layer of powder is difficult to breathe. Shrek (Mayk Mayers) decides to go in search of near relative of Fiona (Kemeron Dias), Artie, the voice that gave Dzhastin Timberleyk (by the way, if you remember, in the second part of a poster with this singer «Sir Justin» decorates maiden spalenki Fiona). In parting, his wife Blindside another news - he will soon become a father. And to this, our hero is not prepared exactly as much as to be a king. Artie turns out to be a student, over which jokes the whole university. While Shrek paints his dubious charms of governing the country, the Kingdom of Far Far Away captures Prince Charming (Rupert Everett). He did not wait usually is promised at the end of fairy tales "happily ever after" and decided to take matters into their own hands. In the third part of one of the most fascinating tales creators have achieved truly impressive effect through the use of new technologies. It is worth saying that the present casting was held among the heroes of the second plan. The approval of five thousand characters have been proposed, as a result, the film got half of them. Costume designer promises a reward to anyone that finds two identical characters. Not only that, many of the secondary characters, moved from the first part, we get more roles, so even the screens went absolutely new characters. Among them is an obvious godsend - Marilyn. Half-mad old man represents in this series of magical beginning. But artists namuchalis with willful old man. For the role he was dressed in a mini-dress, which due to the nature of contentious character behaved at times unpredictable. Therefore, the authors, watching the naked Marilyn decided to cover up the nature grandfather's Cycling. As usual it did not disappoint and the soundtrack. Do not forget that all of our cat-and-mouse-Pinocchio - singing. Fortunately, the film is not turned into a picture of the Indian film studio, but sing it a lot and tasteful. In addition to music written specifically for the cartoon, hearing delight and classic rock songs. Left and allusions to "great movies". These kinomanyaki will find a lot of scenes and allusions to famous movies "dream factory". Study of the external image of each of the actors (if I may say so) deserves the highest praise. Cartoon toon really wants to be called actors because they are just as voluminous and tangible as real people. They wince when sneezing, from the wind flutters every hair on hairstyles, clothing moves in harmony with the movements. It is impossible to believe that all of them are true, it was just a figment of someone's imagination and are only digitized reality. After all, the truth, who would prevent that would live happily ever after in the distant kingdom of green ogres?

User's Review:

That it was the quiet life of the ogre Shrek. All the deeds of our hero in the past: the princess is rescued, the evil dragon fought, and one-third of The Tenth Kingdom won from evil characters! A large family of Shrek day-to-day lives of peace, but it is very busy lives in the swamp. Three children require daily care, and things around the house sometimes get up in the throat. Now green-eared Shrek for ordinary residents of the former does not cause quivering terror, he is treated like a harmless, sweet creation. Every day, old friends come to visit his house, but it all starts as well as ends - equally. Monotony bring Shrek to distraction, and now he often begins to think about that carefree past life, when he appeared, where he wanted and when he wanted to, and the people saw him, he threw the frightened aside. Now, solitude does not seem to exile for him, but on the contrary, something inaccessible and very welcome. On the birthday of their children, all around him something demanded, noisy, pestered with requests. After a long pause, Shrek could not resist and said offensive rude guests. Naturally holiday was spoiled, he quarreled with Fiona and walked home alone ... Shrek Offended at this point was very hurt, he still remembered his past, when he was in the image of the villain. It was decided to use this evil magician Rumpelstiltskin, in the district it is famous for its bad reputation is considered a cheater, as he signed a contract in their own benefit, and the one who signs the contract bears his bad spell. It happened with Shrek. Wants to return at least one day, he relaxed his vigilance and attentiveness, and signed a death sentence. Terms of the contract were not so terrible, for the service, Shrek had to pay for one day of his life. Incidentally, this cartoon is perfect for all children's parties, kids love Shrek! After he was in his "new" home, he slowly begins to realize that not only changed his life but also changed the whole mir..v worse. Rumpelstiltskin took his birthday, which means that Shrek was never born - never rescued Fiona and released her from the curse. Fiona's parents to somehow help his daughter's contract with Rumpelstiltskin, he promises them to save her, but in exchange for the kingdom. Rumpelstiltskin led the UK and brought their own rules. Only after that day Shrek begins to understand how he underestimated his life and his beloved family.

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