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Shaun of the Dead

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Movie Length: 1:39

Genre: Comedy horror

Country: US, UK, France

IMDB rating: 8.0

Director: Edgar Rayt

Actors: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Keyt Eshfild, Lyusi Devis, Dylan Moran, Nikolya Kanningem, Keir Mills, Mett Dzheyns, Gavin Ferguson, Peter Serafinowicz, Martin Freeman


Year: March 29, 2004 (World)

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Shaun of the Dead download movie. Life Sean sad and hopeless. Mom nagging girlfriend maketh, at work - nothing pleasant. The best part of the day begins in the evening when Sean goes to a local bar and get drunk together with his best friend Ed. Everything changes when the dead suddenly decide to leave the grave and crawl out into the light of God to the people. Finally and loser Sean had a chance to prove themselves - an effort to leave the sofa, pick up the hatchet and come in an unexpected role of savior of the other bridesmaids and all humanity!

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User's Review:

"Shaun of the Dead" is probably the most witty and funny parody of the zombie genre, if we take out of the modern cinema, and even the British. Writers Simon Pegg and Edgar Rayt took the trouble to create a highly original scenario about how to Grasp from nowhere to fight the living dead, it would seem, the most common failure. Friends Shaun and Ed, that life does not change from day to day, rather tired of the monotony and all the entertainment reduced to gatherings in the bar near the house but lying on the couch. In general, the creators began by ridiculing ordinary modern lifestyle, and further as to be driven by the zombie film genre, forcing the protagonists literally mock the obtuse mertyavkami. The film, of course, bears little resemblance to the standard Hollywood comedy. Here everything is different, and at first the habit even incomprehensible, it is a comedy or is it a parody of the best representatives of the genre. It looks more like the latter, but considering that the director Wright turned out quite distinctive movie, you can deduct as witty comedy with a unique, dry British yumorkom. But, honestly, the second such film can not remember, but zombie reviewed countless film completely different genre. Because Simon Pegg and Edgar Rayt - very talented people, can be seen with the naked eye. After all, "Shaun of the Dead" is actually their big debut, and following their work "Hot Fuzz" received an order of magnitude more dynamic and fun, and the script was there even better. This film is, of course, is far from ideal, despite the originality of ideas and high-quality implementation. The most interesting thing in such cases - look at the budget of the film, and it becomes clear that the creators first wanted to please fans of the genre ridiculed, and only then all the rest. With this approach, which is now - an extreme rarity, almost always produces a unique result. Shaun and Ed manage in one scene to make fun of the walking dead, not even knowing what they are facing, and the other to throw his gramophone records, which are more expensive than Sean's nothing there! And so on - sometimes a bit strange, but overall fun and never boring. Just do not expect then Zucker brothers comedy "Shaun of the Dead" about something else. But this is the value of the film. In my opinion - a great parody of British talent Edgara Rayta and Simon Pegg, who decided how to make fun of zombie genre.

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