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Shark Tale

Free download Shark Tale movie.

Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Cartoons Comedy Family Adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.0


Actors: Will Smith, Robert De Niro, Renee Zellweger, Dzhek Blek, Andzhelina Dzholi, Martin Scorsese, Ziggi Marli, Doug E. Doug, Maykl Imperioli, Vincent Pastore

Budget: $ 75 million

Year: October 22, 2004

Download Shark Tale

Download movie Shark Tale for free. Inconspicuous fry Oscar works washer of whales and wants to become famous. Soon he falls this chance - his eyes shark Frankie, son of a local godfather Lino, giving anchor, and Oscar immediately rastrezvonil around the underwater city that he killed predator. Suddenly becoming a star, fry enjoys undeserved laurels, without thinking about the consequences of his fame. To confirm their status "Antichelyusti" Oscar develops a cunning plan for a couple with his unusual friend - a vegetarian shark, Lenny, brother of Frankie himself. A leader of the shark mafia Lino intends to find out who destroys his relatives. The characters in the animated film "Shark Tale" is easily determined by their prototypes star - Will Smith, Andzhelina Dzholi, Robert De Niro and others.

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Our Review:

"Shark Tale" - gangster story of the underwater world. Dreamworks studio has created a real cartoon for adults. Under water like all other people - the fish live in urban areas (very much like New York, for example), working on kitomoykah and lend each other money. One incredible happens - shark mafia in panic hiding in the hold. Someone killed Frankie, the son Dona Lino godfather, and the daredevil Antichelyusti active PR for the whole underwater world. However, sharks do not know what Frenki Pal victim to the case, and the other the son of a mafia, a vegetarian Lenny, conspired with the smallest carp, which frightened everyone, including the godfather. "Shark Tale" is a tape studio Dreamworks in 2004 year. In the original movie called "Shark history". Variant titles in our rental version better emphasizes mafia gangster character of this film. The Dreamworks, unlike, for example, Pixar's studio, which is famous for its children's films, chosen for themselves a narrower and more adult audience. Invited serious actors and writers, are more complex characters. The viewer must have some theoretical basis, to notice the drawing of the iconic films. The "Shark Tale," a lot of parody episodes - that one of the sharks sings to himself the title theme from "Jaws." The underwater newspapers - advertising the movie "The Ring" (or "hook") and Peter Falk (Columbo lieutenant) in the obligatory role of an aged shark mafia. Spayks crashes into a wall, on which hangs a picture Keyt Uinslet by Leonardo DiCaprio ( "Titanic"). And many more examples that notice insightful and intelligent audience. Cartoon characters specially drew as close to the actors who voiced them. Look, Don Limon is the same birthmark as Robert De Niro. Oscar - the spitting image of Will Smith, Sykes - a famous film director Martin Scorsese with his manner of speaking rapidly and indistinctly. As a result, Dreamworks has turned out is probably one of the best cartoons in the history of the studio. Wonderfully drawn, with decent animation. Characters funny and catchy, very vivid characters. The storyline - even moved into the underwater world, but it is vital and very close to us, the inhabitants of the earth.

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