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Seuls Two

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Movie Length: 1:34

Genre: Comedy

Country: France

IMDB rating: 5.4


Actors: Ramzy Bedia, Eric Zhyudor, Hafid F. Benamar, Elodi Bushe, Kristin Scott Thomas, Benua Mazhimel, Edouard Baer, ​​Omar Sy, Fred Testo, MC Zhan Gaben


Year: June 25, 2008 (World)

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Seuls Two download movie. Gervais Blondeau - policeman-loser, an object of ridicule in all department. For ten years, he tries in vain to catch the robber-recidivist Curtis, but he is constantly moving away from persecution. During another chase for Curtis, Gervais suddenly notices that there is not a soul around. The French capital seemed extinct, and now no one will disturb cops and robbers to create chaos on the deserted streets. And very soon, tired of the loneliness, the two irreconcilable enemies become friends.

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User's Review:

The Russian cinema is difficult to find an analogue Ramzy Bedia and Eric Zhyudora. Chadov and Chadov? Kutsenko and Aguilera? Cog and Shpuntik? No, there is no comparable values, especially if we talk about the comedy. Ramsay and Eric - the two main clown French cinema. Yes, the image of idiots stuck to it no worse than a dirty shirt-alcoholic blood spots and bourbon become attached to the chest Bryusa Uillisa. But unlike taranoobraznogo humor "Two zeros", "We - the legend" look very even nothing. Fraudster Curtis (Ramzy, the one with the hair) and police Gervais (Eric, the one that ... well, you get the idea) like cartoon characters Road runner, where the coyote still can not catch lightning cuckoo. Gervais snake has long earned a reputation as a loser, Curtis obviously does not take seriously the first until the next chase brings a completely unexpected result. All over Paris are they alone. And life begins at the zoo, skating Formula 1 car through the city streets, trying to poison darts Center Pompidou, methodical roll call of all the people in the phone book, and as a result - the heroes triumph, villains punished, witness the groom was shot in the leg.

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