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Rush Hour 2

Rush Hour 2 download movie.

Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Comedy thriller thriller crime

Country: USA, Hong Kong

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: Brett Ratner

Actors: Dzheki Chan, Kris Taker, Dzhon Loun, Chzhan Tszyi, Roselyn Sanchez, Alan King, Harris Yulin, Kenneth Tsang, Lisa LoTsitsero, Mei Melancon

Budget: $ 90 million

Year: December 20, 2001

Download Rush Hour 2

Download movie Rush Hour 2 for free. Events begin in Hong Kong, where the inspector Lee shows his new friend Carter attractions hometown. Suddenly, they learn about the bombing of the American Embassy. The police, at their own risk, begin to carry out the investigation. They go on a dangerous gang leader Ricky and his fanatical assistant, as well as a rather delicate circumstances "get acquainted" with the Secret Service agent Isabella Molina, who in order to maintain the operation is forced to come into contact with the overly active sniffer.

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User's Review:

Mafia is immortal? Now check ... If a police officer is only intended to show the beauty of his native city colleague from another end of the world, the evil forces will never allow him to carry out this excursion quiet. Here and in the continuation of the acclaimed blockbuster it happened. Inspector Lee (Dzheki Chan) was walking in Hong Kong Detective Carter (Kris Taker), but fate did not leave them time to peacefully drink local beer. The blast (it blew up the US Embassy) with a pleasant relaxed gentlemen police blows away in an instant. It turns out that creepy Chinese Mafia wants to take over the world and over the United States in the first place. So Lee and Carter should immediately stop throwing glasses and stare at the beautiful women in mini-skirts. So would it happened, whether it's just a thriller. But since it comedy, the characters successfully combine the world's salvation and annihilation of evildoers with booze, girls and a whole bunch of funny situations. The action moves from Hong Kong to Las Vegas, however, is for Dzheki Chana does not matter: in any part of the world it is, as it should, famously waved all limbs, demonstrating excellent command of martial arts. Elegant Inspector Lee is rapidly climbing that does not say, flies, scaffolding, running around on the roof of the wagon ... His partner seemed clumsy and without measure talkative, but not too slow in a simple way to move his fist in reckless living target. And maybe even dance on a table in a casino, so stunned by such a spectacle mafia very relaxed, and it could take a naked, even a well-trained hands. Of course, there will be competing special agent - Latin beauty, which according to the legend is not allowed to build from a touchy person. There are ominous film (but beautiful oriental), Chinese martial arts expert of the villains of the camp. One may well regret that it recruited by the characters did not work - it was easier to kill.

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