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Free download Ratatouille movie.

Movie Length: 1:51

Genre: Family comedy fantasy cartoons

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 8.0


Actors: Patton Oswalt, Lou Romano, Brian Dennehy, Peter Sohn, Peter O'Toole, Bred Gerret, Dzhanin Garofalo, Will Arnett, Julius Callahan, Ian Holm

Budget: $ 150 million

Year: June 28, 2007

download Ratatouille

Download Ratatouille full movie for free. Krysonok Remy lives with his family in the attic of the rural house. A feature of Remy is an extremely fine sense of smell and sense of taste. Telecast on the French book best chef Gusteau opens up the world of cooking. Unsuccessful culinary experience leads to the fact that the lady of the house learns of the existence of the rat family and banishes her. Remy manages to see how on TV conveys the message that Gusteau died. Haunted by an old woman, Remy gets the drain and losing loved ones. But here to help him spirit Gusteau comes.

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Our Review:

Rats Frenchman Remy lives somewhere in the countryside and has an uncanny sense of smell. While his relatives hastily stuffed belly all that exists in the rubbish heap, Remy enthusiastically examines scraps at the ingredients. It could easily determine which uneaten patty has vanilla, which added rosemary and where it hides rat poison. Relatives readily exploit his gift, and now our hero must be in search of poison stupidly to sniff any piece found in the garbage every miserable rat. In his spare time, Remy shastaet to the house of a lonely old lady-villager and watches on TV transmission with the chef Gusteau, owner of the luxurious Parisian restaurant. Rat perceives the secrets of culinary skill and quietly experimenting with cooking, until one day the old woman does not wake up and do not open fire on the rodents. Rat family forced to flee, Remy on the way lost and finds himself in Paris, a stone's throw from the restaurant Gusteau. He will meet with the lanky scullion Linguini, the new chef Zhivoderom dreaming of a line of frozen semi-finished products "from Gusteau 'and vampirelike restaurant critic Anton Ego. Pixar has entrusted the preparation of his culinary masterpiece Brad Bird, who received an Oscar for "The Incredibles." For all culinary matters crew consulted with Thomas Keller, chef of the French restaurant in California. Apparently, due to its responsive government painted cook appetizing and deftly chopped vegetables, cooked brilliantly and believable flambé and bloodthirsty hunt rats. In addition to simply spectacular cooking process, "Ratatouille" raises the problems of migrant workers, medical officer, creativity and criticism - and here it is necessary, perhaps, to say thank you to the whole team. Energetic chef shorty nothing about haute cuisine, but to carry a stepladder and puts his nose in all the pots, and talking, among other things, with a Caucasian accent. Well, it is, of course, for the Russian audience. A critic, a critic - it's just snobbery embodied together with alcoholism, much resemblance to Dracula, the most vivid caricature of Representatives difficult profession. The protagonist, a homegrown chef Remy - the usual cartoon rat with a moving person and the nature of the artist. And this little rozovonosoy rats have all chances to beat the green ogre. And in fact, it all started with the green men. Big and small, they have arrived at the flying saucer and tried to steal the sleeping earthling, surprisingly similar to linguine. While the brain to speculate how the aliens will intervene due to the outstanding abilities of rat, it turned out that it's just a little surprise from Pixar. Short funny cartoon for a snack, such as "compliment" from the chef in any self-respecting restaurant. When the snack product offer from the owner of the seven Oscars, it's great increases appetite. Ordinary French vegetable stew is the best continuation of the banquet. Light, rich, useful, vitamin ratatouille - you can eat two supplements, most importantly, does not explode. Laughing.

User's Review:

As a parent, I pay more attention to the cartoons, including, in particular I want to emphasize is this cartoon! Kind, funny, sad, funny, loyal, loves his job, hard - it's all the little hero! Hero really! Inconspicuous from the outside, but the potential is very huge inside, proving to the whole family, and most importantly, himself, that he can and will be able to cook very well! Literally, it has no chance, but great perseverance does his job so that he himself does not believe ... This cartoon teaches once again the tenacity, dedication favorite cause. If so small, no one noticeable protagonist works such wonders in the kitchen, for some reason, none of us can! One has only to try. "Anyone can cook" - can be reformulated in the "I can". You need only a little bit of perseverance, patience, love, and all must succeed! Even if one of us is a person who does not take important decisions pokapatsya confidence, patience and perseverance, will be able to discover some secret ability. Only need to want to, and succeed! Ratatouille tells us this!

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