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Rango download movie.

Movie Length: 1:47

Genre: Comedy Western cartoons adventure family

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.2

Director: Gore Verbinski

Actors: Dzhonni Depp, Isla Fisher, Timoti Olifant, Abigail Breslin, Ned Bitti, Alfred Molina, Bill Nayi, Stiven Rut, Garri Din Stenton, Rey Uinston

Budget: $ 135 million

Year: March 17, 2011

download Rango

Download movie Rango for free. Until Rango had no name, he lived in a cage, and only dreaming about the glory of the hero. Such an opportunity he was given when the owners lose when moving it, and it turns out to be one on one with the real and harsh world. Fate throws him into the mud town where residents suffer from water shortages. Rango they took with cheerfulness and even appointed sheriff, but it's nice as it seems at first glance? Chameleon will justify the trust placed in him and solve the problem of water for the entire town.

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Our Review:

Green lizard in a red Hawaiian shirt, dissipates its ability to mimic on amateur productions within the terrarium. During rehearsals the next play based on Shakespeare - with plastic fish, fragments of Barbie dolls and a dead cockroach - the fate confronts her with the battleship. From cozy collision walls are destroyed, and the lizard is on the edge of this desert. Ironclad promises that somewhere out there, in the depths of the desert, is a city and a lizard goes on a journey. Omniscient and omnipresent, mariachi owls, turning minor chords, authoritatively predict her impending death. The director of "Pirates" Gore Verbinski, voiced by the way, one of the most authoritative owls, was, apparently, a long time bound capabilities makeup and decorators. Giving the world Krakkenov, gutta-percha tentacles of Davy Jones and brains dropped by Dzhonni Deppa, he continued to experience discomfort from an abundance of colorful images, crowding in his head. And I found the most suitable for their niche - animation. "Rango" - a fairy-tale classic Western, which in bad, good and evil played shaggy cats, rabbits faded, battered moles and rats, battered birds, numerous amphibians and reptiles, fervently believe in the Spirit of the Wild West - Klinta Istvuda. This is absolutely not a children's cartoon, but the real treat for adults. Does not mean that children should not watch it - even taking into account the abundance of bizarre deaths and injuries, visually it will not be much worse than any "Sesame Street." The child simply does not understand that the mayor is similar to Nelson Mandela with evil eyes, and armadillo-philosopher would call for clarity "just a horse". Because "Rango" is clearly focused on the audience familiar with the works of Sergio Leone, Terry Gilliam and George Lucas, and is able to evaluate the performance of Wagner's banjo. The soundtrack, by the way, is already available for download.

User's Review:

Looking advertising this cartoon, I did not expect anything special, I thought that this is the second version of the "Valley", just a little brighter. But in fact, "Rango" - it is something special, worth your money and time. Fortunately, I was able to see the premiere of this cartoon a little before its premiere in Russia (viewed in Slovakia). Gore Verbinski master of his craft, and even with the cartoons it has not worked, but it did not affect the quality of "Rango." Once he was entrusted with "Pirates", he is now entrusted 135 million in the cartoon! Writers have worked perfectly. Dzhon Logan has worked with cartoons, and there are some serious paintings in his track record, such as "Gladiator" and "The Aviator." No one knows who this Dzheyms Uord tag, but once he is in the writers' list, it means that he had a hand in writing the script. The plot is interesting for its unusual, first it may seem that the "Rango" - this is the second "Valley", but it has been held for a couple of minutes. Yes, and cartoons in the genre "Western" is almost there. only the "Spirit" can be distinguished. Musical accompaniment is also a very good level. What can I say ... Hans Zimmer kompoziroval "Home"! That says a lot. More would like to thank the artists. Excellent traced parts of the desert, animals, pleasant to watch it all, eyes happy. Artists "The Nutcracker" has much to learn from the artists "Rango." After all this, I want to discuss the budget. He is great, but in this cartoon involves several great men, who had to pay a lot of money. The budget should pay off. Excellent animation, great story - it's only a few factors, due to which you have to see "Rango." Cartoon is not just for children, but it will be interesting to both adults and grandparents. In general, do not be lazy to go to the movies for positive emotions.

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