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Problem Child 2

Problem Child 2 download movie.

Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Comedy family

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 4.5

Director: Brian Levant

Actors: Dzhon Ritter, Maykl Oliver, Dzhek Uorden, Loreyn Nyumen, Emi Yasbek, Ivyann Schwan, Gilbert Gottfried, Pol Vilson, Alan Blyumenfild, Charlene Tilton


Year: July 3, 1991 (World)

Download Problem Child 2

Free download Problem Child 2 movie. Ben Hili (Dzhon Ritter) and his adopted son Junior (Maykl Oliver) move to a new neighborhood, which some divorced women live. Of course, Ben immediately becomes their primary goal. Some time later, he really appears the lady of the heart, which feeds sincere hatred of Junior and his antics. His father is willing to tolerate them, believing that education can make this difficult child a good person. But Junior is not too is trying to make friends with a new woman and my father announces her real war… The movie "Problem Child 2" - continuation of the acclaimed 1990 comedy.

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User's Review:

Re a naughty child sometimes is equally impossible task, as the re-grown. Therefore, it remains only to put up with constant pranks and prepare for the constant moving, in case a cute little angel will bring all the neighbors mad. But there is always a risk to get an even worse position. After all, in the new place, he can find another little devil. Directed by Brian Levant has successfully intercepted the baton in the creation story of the problem child of the century. This film was the debut for him, just as the previous part was the first full-length work of director Dennis Dugan. Of course, they now shoot different films - one went on to create a movie for children, and another switched to adult comedy and became more successful, but they both started from here, giving the audience the two films, where children do not just prove to adults that they are in the main family . The main character of the story remains the same all harmful, cunning and vindictive. His smile is just as charming, only adults have already managed to develop immunity to it. But it does not stop Junior, because he is a master at creating problems for all the neighbors and new acquaintances. While his father is looking for a new wife, he does not miss any opportunity to repay everyone who treats him unkindly. Maykl Oliver again perfectly fulfilled its role. His Junior proved that there is no limit to perfection, because his antics are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous to health, especially the stomach of those who crossed his path. But at times he still turns into a cute baby, who takes care of his parents and wants to make it better. On the first day of the move meets a cutie Junior Trixie, completely unaware that this girl can be much hooligan himself. Of course, their rivalry is complete without a cavalcade of funny moments. From the first moments clear that Trixie is best suited for a companion of the protagonist. Young Ivyann Schwan with Michael became a great team. That's just scary to imagine what their characters do with the school, when friends. Without explosion there certainly could not have done. Most of all I want to sympathize with the parents of these brats. Poor father, Ben simpleton again embodied talented Dzhon Ritter. And his future wife, actress Emi Yasbek, which has already appeared in the first film in the form of a spoiled selfish, this time played a pretty nurse, which accounts for a very hard time with his daughter harmful. Among vtoroplanovyh characters from the first part of the migrated and Big Ben. But not one, but with a strange dog that will be a perfect test subject for jokes of his grandson. Dzhek Uorden again pleased with his appearance on the screen. And I remember the heroine actress Loreyn Nyumen. Her lavender although she was ready to repulse any tomboy, but she had underestimated his enemy for nothing. A deranged character actor Gilbert Gottfried was again extremely comical, but is also a clear example of what is sometimes in school go to work not because of a great love for children. The movie was a success and became a great adventure completion of a difficult child. Of course, Universal Studios went on and took another sequel, that's just a completely different, not so successful and fun story. Brian Levant, together with a wonderful cast make a memorable movie, mockingly showing fixated on the relationship between men and women, do not forget to leave an important place for true love. In terms of humor, this part is very different from the first film. Here, the joke is not so innocent and often hit below the belt. At least one scene may cause a not very pleasant emotions. But, nevertheless, the story remained the same family, sometimes cute and naive, and sometimes simply insane. Especially memorable romantic moment with a magic stone of love. Which only exploits children do not venture for the happiness of their loved ones helpless parents. One difficult child certainly provide others in serious trouble. But if the two brats, you should wait for the problems in the square.

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