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Movie Length: 1:32

Genre: Cartoons Comedy Adventure Family Fantasy Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.0


Actors: Dzhodell Ferland, Keysi Afflek, Dzhon Gudman, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Leslie Mann, Anna Kendrick, Kodi Smit-McPhee

Budget: $ 83 million

Year: August 23, 2012

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Download Paranorman full movie for free. Norman Babcock - a little boy who has to communicate with dead people an amazing gift. But no one except his eccentric friend Neil does not believe that the boy's real abilities. One day, eccentric Uncle Norman tells him the story of an important annual ritual, in which he must take part in order to protect the city from the curse of the old witch centuries ago. In the end, Norman agrees, but the situation is getting out of control and now the whole city is in danger, because the zombies are awakened from their graves!

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Our Review:

Another creation Laika Studios, won the hearts of fans of cartoons terrible doll "Coraline." This time the main character - a boy Norman, who suffers from what can communicate with the souls of the dead. Outcast and the eternal victim of bullies, it is, of course, doomed to an adventure that will raise his social status and change the quality of life. But first he will have to overcome the curse of a small dead unbelted witches, zombie invasion and total chaos. In short, the benefit is not the essence of the story. Charming handmade animation and truly grim humor make the perfect cocktail, a fashion which has brought Genri Selik and Tim Burton with his "Nightmare Before Christmas". In "Paranormane" unfailing lyrical line, not giving a humorous multi horror slip into unrestrained zombie thrash, is the motif of loneliness a little boy and his alter-ego of the past. History of something, in fact, very sad. However, the corpse jokes, and then falling off body parts and other support noir degree of cynicism, which is quite satisfied with the adult and battered spectator. In this case, the absolute childishness and healthy edification fit and parents with children of which is not counter-naturalistic spectacle of a dead language, falls out of the mouth no less dead right on the face of the little boy. However, in a particularly squeamish always have the opportunity to choose any nonsense about anthropomorphic airplanes or talking turtles.

User's Review:

Modern animation lives a double life: a delight, giving the audience a lot of emotions small colorful creations about talking animals, but Second Life where poorer - disappointing adult spectators with familiar, stamping techniques and simply deprives fresh, original humor that can intelligently combine satirical momenty- derision, and also create unusual allusion under the tick animated creations - that these paintings lacked screens, but "ParaNorman" was a breath of fresh air, and with original creator of a brand new strip cartoon in an extraordinary atmosphere, which just wanted to read, because to learn something new is always interesting and surprising story of a boy, long before the rental fueled interest. We are immersed in a small town where he lives an unusual, according to his classmates - pridurochny boy - Norman. He sees the dead, talking to his grandmother, who is already dead and flies around the house. The boy can not become an adequate and enter the number of the company, as an ordinary teenager. Not to speak of his personality, ability to communicate with the dead, he plays the role of an ordinary terpily, which both should be humiliated, and friends he is habitually so - stout, good-natured helpless with freckles will be his true friend. But as a whole, cartoon creators have prepared dish, delicious for the youth of today, for society and children in "Paranormane" follow exactly life options, and collect a bunch of the young squad that and lets you know that these people I saw and I know that pumped up athlete, gifted only to watch their cubes and muscles, but rather it represents terribly boring and silly sounding Man, sister Norman, representing a woman of fashion, and that only he can, as a gossip with her friends, and in general conversation on contemporary themes, big bully and bully-lover humiliate, and try to beat the language. A modern company with which we are going to stay the whole movie. And most importantly, that everyone jokes and like nature, so to speak, each with a particular joke. cartoon atmosphere - unusual, and so the viewer to watch in the form of animated pictures - I am sure that the first time. Amazing and unusual style of in a cartoon from the first seconds and makes it clear that this is a no no fairy tale, but a grim picture, capable of delivering positive only insane black humor, but there are also attacks by young viewers as a "hit-and-down - funny" although this is only the smallest part of the cartoon, and most of the audience will be coming to the delight of a special humor, acting under the sign of derision dies and all the horror genre, taking a joke well-known paintings. "ParaNorman" of course a variety of novelty for the very young audience, but still a cartoon aimed at an adult audience, as most of the funny moments simply will not understand young children, because they are not as loyal fans of horror, huh ?! In addition to its subtleties to prove their maturity and decided to rather crude humor, some of which displayed vulgarity. Not to mention the zombies, about the terrible things that will give a lot of experience for children, but sometimes cartoon torn apart. Either too old, or vice versa - and effectively "Soul Plane" for the younger audience. "ParaNorman" - something that is necessary in recent years to see, because the crazy animal adventures sometimes lead to nausea, so we are presented with an amazing picture, with its horror atmosphere that learns every fan of the genre and find there what -What desires for himself. An extraordinary sense of style and rhythm, which is present in the cartoon may open a whole new genre of animation.

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